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Potatoes come in a vast number of varieties. This page lists some of the most popular.

Britain and Ireland[edit]


A small reddish potato, normally used as a new potato, served boiled.


A small red-skinned maincrop potato, with a creamy texture, best used baked or roast.

King Edwards[edit]

King Edward

A large, all purpose potato. Normally used as an old potato, and traditionally served roast as part of a formal Sunday dinner (with roast beef).

Maris Piper[edit]

A white potato, which can be harvested new or, more usually, as an old potato, when it is widely regarded as among the best potatoes for making into chips.


A large to very large maincrop potato with a reddish skin and a smooth texture. Good roast.

Pink fir apple[edit]

Pink fir-apple potato

A long, thin potato with a knobbly, pinkish skin. Normally boiled in its skin and allowed to cool for use in a salad.

Shetland Black[edit]

A variety first introduced in the 1920s. The skin is dark purple, rather than black, and the flesh is creamy with a nutty flavour. Best roast or baked, but can be boiled in its skin for an attractive visual appearance and contrast in texture.

External link[edit]

Chart of varieties from the British Potato Council