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Welcome to Wikibooks! If you are new to Wikibooks please visit our welcome page for a quick introduction to the project.

Most general discussion takes place on-wiki in the reading rooms. See Wikibooks:Reading room for an overview of these.

If your question or comment is about a particular page, then use the Discussion link that is displayed when you are viewing that page (it is by default in one of the tabs near the top-left of the page).

If you are the owner of content that is being used on Wikibooks without your permission, please read our copyrights policy for information about how to have the issue resolved.


Real-time conversation takes place on several IRC channels at Libera. This is often the fastest way to contact other contributors. Keep in mind that IRC conversations aren't archived. Consider discussing things that need consensus on-wiki so that others can read up on and understand the rationale for decisions made.

Connect to with your IRC client and /join one or more of the channels listed below. If you don't already have one, consider registering a nickname. Firefox users can try ChatZilla. Wikipedia has a large comparison of IRC clients. If you're behind a proxy or want to connect within any browser, you can use libera's web chat page.

Learn more by reading the IRC chapter in our very own Internet Technologies book.

Related project channels

Mailing Lists

The Wikimedia Foundation maintains several mailing lists that can be used to discuss the Wikibooks projects and other issues.

Reporters and others who wish to get in touch with the project are encouraged to send an email to our mailing list. Many people subscribe to the mailing lists who do not check messages on Wikibooks regularly. You must be subscribed to the mailing list if you wish to send emails to it.

Wikibooks has two mailing lists for general users and administrators. Mailing lists are available in a number of formats: via a web archive, by email, or by NNTP using the mail-to-news gateway GMANE. Mailing list posts are indexed by search engines such as Google.

Offsite archives of Wikibooks's mailing lists can be found at GMANE and MARC.

Technical mailing lists

The Wikimedia Foundation operates a number of other mailing lists as well:


You can send questions, notifications of copyright problems, and other issues to the Textbook-1 mailing list above.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

You should first search existing entries to get started. You can then report bugs and suggest features related to the MediaWiki software. MediaWiki uses a customized version of Phabricator to track bug reports (learn more). Bugs and feature requests not directly related to the MediaWiki software should be discussed in the technical reading room.

Note that unlike before, you do not have to create a new account to file a bug report at Phabricator; just use your Wikibooks (or your unified Wikimedia) account at Phabricator.