Adventist Adventurer Awards/Swimmer II

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Swimmer II

Complete the Red Cross Swim Level II — Primary Skills or the following[edit]

Complete and receive Swimmer I Award[edit]

Instructions and tips for earning the Swimmer I honor can be found in the Busy Bee section. ==

Hold your breath and fully submerge your head for three seconds.[edit]

Submerge and retrieve objects in chest-deep water.[edit]

Explore deep water with support.[edit]

Prone float or glide unsupported for five seconds and recover to standing.[edit]

Supine float or glide unsupported for five seconds and recover to standing.[edit]

Demonstrate leveling off from a vertical position.[edit]

Rhythmic breathing with or without support (bob ten times).[edit]

Step from side into chest-deep water and recover to a vertical position.[edit]

Get out at side of the pool.[edit]

Flutter kick on front and back.[edit]

Demonstrate finning on back.[edit]

Demonstrate back crawl arm action.[edit]

Perform combined stroke on front, using kick and alternating arm action, for five yards.[edit]

Perform combined stroke on back, using kick and choice of arm action, for five yards.[edit]

Demonstrate turning over front to back and back to front.[edit]

Put on life jacket in shallow water and float for one minute with face-up position.[edit]

Demonstrate reaching and extension assist from deck.[edit]

Demonstrate assisting non-swimmer to feet.[edit]

Become familiar with rescue breathing.[edit]