Adventist Adventurer Awards/Bible Friends (EB)

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Bible Friends (EB)
Eager Beaver

What does it mean to be a friend?[edit | edit source]

Friends help each other. The spend time together. They pray for each other.

Name three Bible Friends.[edit | edit source]

There are many examples of friends in the Bible.

  • David and Jonathan
  • Ruth and Naomi
  • Jesus and Lazarus
  • Peter, James and John
  • Daniel and his three friends

Who is your favorite Bible friend? Tell a story about that person.[edit | edit source]

Pick an appropriate story based on who you like to talk about.

Dress up and act out a story about a Bible friend.[edit | edit source]

Time to dig out the bathrobes and towels for your head. Have fun! You can also act these stories Bible Skits

Tell three things you can do to be a friend for Jesus.[edit | edit source]

Anything along the lines of helping others.