Adventist Adventurer Awards/Gardener

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Describe what a gardener does.[edit]

Name three different types of gardens, and describe the items that grow in each.[edit]

Name two gardens mentioned in the Bible.[edit]

List at least three tools you need for gardening.[edit]

Demonstrate how to use these tools properly and how to take care of gardening tools after use.[edit]

Do one of the following:[edit]

Take care of a small plot of land, including planting, transplanting and cultivating flowers or vegetables.[edit]

Using window boxes, flower pots, milk cartons or cans, plant and care for three different plants.[edit]

Make a terrarium and care for it.[edit]

Share a plant, garden produce or flower from your garden with your family or with a friend or neighbor.[edit]

Draw and color a picture of a flower to give to someone.[edit]

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