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Describe what a gardener does.[edit]

A gardener is a person who cares and looks after plants in a garden.

Name three different types of gardens, and describe the items that grow in each.[edit]

  • Herb Garden
    • Representative Plants – chives, rosemary, parsley, sage, oregano, lavender, basil and mint are the most common. They have gained lots of popularity with increasing interest in decreasing salt from dietary consumption.
  • Flower or Cutting Garden
    • Representative Plants – rose, dahlias, liatris, goldenrod, asclepias (if you singe the cut ends of the stems), dwarf blue mist spirea, sunflower, shasta daisy, boltonia, yarrow and coreopsis. Pink turtlehead, beebalm, gaillardia, gaura and rudbeckia are also quite nice in arrangements. The key to success is planning ahead so that something is in bloom at all times.
  • Edible Landscaping
    • Representative Plants – blueberry, fall bearing raspberry, cabbage, peppers, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, leeks and beets. All of these are well-behaved and won’t go spreading hither and yon throughout ornamental beds.
  • Vegetable Garden
    • Representative Plants – Veggies such as squash, pumpkins, sweet corn, okra and sweet potato are good options.

Name two gardens mentioned in the Bible.[edit]

The First Garden is the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:8).The Second Garden is the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36-46). The Third Garden is beside Golgotha (John 19). The Fourth Garden is in the Glory of God (Revelation 22).

List at least three tools you need for gardening.[edit]

Watering can, Hose, Spade, gardening fork, Trowel, Hoe

Demonstrate how to use these tools properly and how to take care of gardening tools after use.[edit]

Oil, clean the tool before returning to a clean dry safe place for the tool.

Do one of the following[edit]

Take care of a small plot of land, including planting, transplanting and cultivating flowers or vegetables.[edit]

Using window boxes, flower pots, milk cartons or cans, plant and care for three different plants.[edit]

Make a terrarium and care for it.[edit]

Share a plant, garden produce or flower from your garden with your family or with a friend or neighbor.[edit]

I made a paper mache with seeds in it. With the adventures to give to a friend. and they made one for themselves to care for and grow.

Draw and color a picture of a flower to give to someone.[edit]

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