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Animal Homes
Eager Beaver

What is a home[edit | edit source]

A family home in the United States

A home is the place where one lives permanently.

Tell about your home. Draw a picture of your house and color it.[edit | edit source]

Animals have homes too. Name five different animals and tell where they live[edit | edit source]

Fun game about Animal's Home

How do animals know what to do to make a home?[edit | edit source]

Animals are born with instincts. Also some animal parents teach the young how to build homes.

Choose an animal and do the following[edit | edit source]

Since this is the Eager Beaver program, the beaver is a logical choice. Beavers build homes that are enclosed, much like ours. Most animals just use naturally occurring features as homes. It is a simple matter to build or draw a beaver lodge.

Watch the animal (it can be in a zoo or on a video).[edit | edit source]

Here is a live feed of a beaver lodge and a BBC video about beavers and another one.

Draw or color a picture of the animal.[edit | edit source]

There are plenty of beaver drawings ready to color on the internet. Just do an image search and print out one you like.

Make a model of its home.[edit | edit source]

Discussion about beaver lodges and directions for building a beaver lodge model with kids.

What you need:

Brown construction paper (for the mud)

String (I used brown string for the sticks)

Blue construction paper (for the water)

Beavers and labels for all the parts (here).

Show your picture and model at your club’s family night.[edit | edit source]

Have fun showing off your model and picture.

Tell people what you learned about your animal and its home.[edit | edit source]

These is where the children learn by repeating back what they learned. This is a good resource on beaver lodges.

External Resources[edit | edit source]

A-Z Animals Beavers