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Earn the Road Safety Award.[edit | edit source]

Instructions and tips for earning the Road Safety honor can be found in the Sunbeam section.

Demonstrate[edit | edit source]

a. How to keep the bike clean

b. How to safely ride the bike

c. Turn signals while riding

d. How to take care of the bike

Bike Derby Maneuvering and weaving

Participate in a bike activity[edit | edit source]

Plan an "Adventurer Bike Derby Day". This is a fun activity that you can do not just for Builders, but for all age Adventurers.

- Bicycle Derby Stations pdf
- Check out list pdf
- Bike ID (Front)pdf
- Bike ID (Back)pdf

Do a five mile bike ride[edit | edit source]

You may combine "Bike Derby Day" activity with this one. Let the Builders ride 5 miles and the other kids less time depending on their age.

Here is a suggestion mileage by class level:

Little Lambs - 1/2 to 1 mile

Eager Beavers - 1 to 2 miles

Busy Bees - 2 to 3 miles

Sunbeams - 3 to 4 miles

Builders - 5 miles

Helping Hands - 5 miles or more

Make a map of where you went.[edit | edit source]

With your family, use your map to retrace your route.[edit | edit source]

External Resources[edit | edit source]

NHTSA (Bicycles) Retrieved May 10, 2010

All about bikes at Bike/Cornell Retrieved May 11, 2010

Bike Cornell Education An Organizer’s Guide to Bicycle Rodeos PDF Retrieved May 11, 2010

Helmet R Us great ideas for Rodeo Signs PDF Retrieved May 11, 2010