Adventist Adventurer Awards/Shapes And Sizes

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Shapes And Sizes
Eager Beaver

Make a scrapbook to paste work in. Draw shapes of different sizes on the front cover.[edit | edit source]

Know and cut out six different shapes. Paste in scrapbook. (Rectangle, square, circle, oval, diamond, and triangle.)[edit | edit source]

Make a picture using different shapes (can cut shapes out of construction paper.) Put in scrapbook.[edit | edit source]

Take a walk and look for different shapes. Is there any shape you see more often than others?[edit | edit source]

Sizes—Distinguish between small, medium, and large.[edit | edit source]

Using blocks or other objects, play a game using different sizes. Ask questions such as: Which is big, bigger, biggest, small, smaller, smallest, etc.[edit | edit source]

Draw, color, or paint a picture of different-sized objects and tell which is small, medium, and large.[edit | edit source]

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