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Finger Play
Little Lamb

Listen to a story about hands[edit]

Say three things you learned about hands.[edit]


Our thumbs help us to pick things up and use tools. Our hands help us to write, to hold, to carry things, to play games, to use a computer, etc.

Say a poem and use your hand to act it out.[edit]

My Hands

Sometimes you get discouraged

Because I am so small,

And always leave my fingerprints

On furniture and walls.

But everyday I'm growing,

I'll be grown up someday,

And all these tiny handprints

Will simply fade away.

So here's a final handprint

Just so you can recall,

Exactly how my fingers looked

When I was very small.

Make a craft that uses your hands as part of the project. (i.e., fingerpaint, trace hands)[edit]

Fingerprint Mouse

Have the following supplies ahead of the meeting:

  • Ink pads
  • Paper
  • Crayons


Show the children how to ink a fingertip and press it on the paper. Then show them how to add ears, whiskers and a tail to create a mouse out of their fingerprints. Let them fill up a sheet of paper with mice.

Complete an activity using your fingers. (i.e., build something with blocks, knead bread.)[edit]

  • Planting Seeds

Fill several shallow tubs or boxes with potting soil.

Give the children a variety of dried beans to "plant". Other fun things to plant are twigs (trees), rocks, radishes, baby carrots, and small potatoes. The children can plant and harvest over and over. Spoons work well for shovels.

External Rsources[edit]

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