Adventist Adventurer Awards/Handicraft

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Pick six of the following to make[edit]

A get-well card, and give it to someone[edit]

A dried or silk flower arrangement[edit]

A bread-dough or clay figure[edit]

A shell picture[edit]

A string sculpture[edit]

A mobile[edit]

An item from papier-mache[edit]

A picture using egg shells or seeds[edit]

Covers for an autograph or photo album[edit]

A collage using six different materials[edit]

A poster inviting people to an event[edit]

Come to our next Adventurer's Meeting

Join us for fun and crafts

Snack is provided

An article of your own choosing[edit]

Give at least two of the above items to[edit]

A family member[edit]

An elderly person in your church or a nursing home[edit]

Have an art show.[edit]

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