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Sign Language
Helping Hand

Learn the manual alphabet used by the deaf, and the rules pertaining to it.[edit]

Asl alphabet gallaudet ann.svg

Learn how to send the receive words, using the manual alphabet.[edit]

In this site you will find three secret messages to decode Thinkquest

Learn at least 50 words.[edit]

With a 1-hand, point at the middle of your chest, making contact once.
Point towards the person's chest with a 1-hand.
Fingerspell ASL
With intertwined 5-hands with palms vertical and at right angles (in the wall plane), complete one or two circles with your hands together.
With 1-hands, draw circles in the wall plane perpendicular to your shoulders. This version fills your signing space. Alternatively, spin your forefingers around each other in a smaller motion. Either one is in the center of your signing space.
With L-hands, contact the thumbs in the centre of your signing space with palms facing down, then wiggle them outwards simultaneously.
As if grasping your ball cap in a flattened C-hand twice. Open and close your hand twice with the palm facing across your forehead.
With a A-handSign language A.svg, your thumb traces your jawbone from near your ear to your chin.
With a 5-hand, tap your thumb to the outside of your chin twice.
With a 5-hand, tap your thumb to the outside of your forehead.
With a palm-hand, touch the side of your forehead with the fingertips, then turn the hand out and away from your face.
With a S-hand, "nod" your hand up and down a few times in front of your chest, facing the viewer.
Using a "pinch"-hand, open and close twice with your palm facing the viewer.
For a more forceful version, open and close your fingers only once, faster with a hand motion forwards towards the subject of your command.
With the 1-hand, touch your chin at the ear, then at the front of your chin. This version is used for culturally-deaf individuals.
An alternative sign, used for CLINICALLY DEAF (meaning literally EAR CLOSED) uses a 1-hand to point to your ear, then two palm-hands to signify closing a door. Bring the hands together like two shutters in front of that ear.
Using two H-handsSign language H.svg, tap the second joint of the middle fingers together on top of one another.
With a loose A-hand, rub the centre of your chest and look sorry.
With a loose palm-hand, rub the centre of your chest.
Starting with a 5-hand, mime fingerspelling by fluttering your fingers in alternation while moving your hand about the fingerspelling part of your signing space.

Learn and present at least one simple Christian song.[edit]

Jesus Loves Me in Sign Language - You Tube Video

Where possible, have the Adventurers meet a deaf person and sign with them.[edit]

Sign a simple Bible verse.[edit]

Go to You Tube to learn John 3:16 in sign language

External Resources[edit]

You Tube John 3:16

You Tube Jesus Love Me