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What is a postcard? How is it different from a letter? Tell about the Pony Express. Memorize first part of Esther 3:13 KJV.[edit]

Learn and recite 3-4 facts about postcards[edit]

How much did it cost to mail a postcard when it was first issued? How much does it cost to send a postcard today?[edit]

Write and send 4 postcards to people you know[edit]

Like your distant family or one of your friends.

Make, decorate, and send a card to a missionary school or church. Display on your church bulletin board to what country it was sent and how much it cost to send.[edit]

Do at least two of the following:[edit]

Visit a post office[edit]

Invite a post office employee to come and give a presentation[edit]

Make your own post office using shoe boxes or other mail box dividers[edit]

Discuss what happens at a post office[edit]

Collect three antique post cards[edit]

Your choice[edit]

Learn the stories about Joseph Bates and James White’s visits to the Post office. Read and discuss how to begin a greeting 1Timothy 1:2 & Philemon 1:1 & Philippians 1:2.[edit]

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