Adventist Adventurer Awards/Caring Friend

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Caring Friend
Helping Hand

Explain how you can be a Caring Friend. Find, read and memorize I Peter 5:7.[edit]

Talk to a person and ask the following[edit]

the day and month (s)he was born[edit]

his/her favorite animals[edit]

two of his/her favorite colors[edit]

three favorite foods[edit]

four things that are important to him/her[edit]

have your new friend tell you about his/her last trip[edit]

Visit a shut-in and take something to him/her. Use the questions in #2 as a basis for your conversation.[edit]

Tell one of the persons in #2 or #3 above how Jesus loves you and that He loves him/her also.[edit]

Show how you can become a caring person to your parents by[edit]

helping to keep your room clean[edit]

helping in the kitchen with preparation or cleanup[edit]

doing extra chores without being told[edit]

Tell of something special you have done for a friend.[edit]

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