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Friend of Nature

Take a nature walk and discover items of interest.[edit]

  • Show or tell what you found.
  • Make these items into a collage or poster.

List the names of three different trees and do a bark rubbing of each.[edit]

Collect four different kinds of leaves and compare.[edit]

Go on a critter hunt. Explore (or observe with a magnifying glass) all the things you can see in a 10 square foot area.[edit]

Explore a yard or park and talk about what you see.[edit]

Visit one of the following:[edit]

  • zoo
  • park
  • wildlife area

Write a thank-you note to the people who took you to the place you visited in requirement #6[edit]


How to become a friend of nature[edit]

Discover, connect, act, protect, & give.

How to pick a flower when it is allowed[edit]

Pick at stem, not flower and always ask permission.

How to protect trees, nests, etc.[edit]

Trees-If freezing weather wrap up, give water in hot climates, place barriers if animals might destroy.

Nests-Don’t move them; don’t tell people who might destroy them. Don’t go too close.

External Resources[edit]

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