Adventist Adventurer Awards/Outdoor Explorer

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Outdoor Explorer
Helping Hand

Take a nature walk and collect items of interest[edit | edit source]

a leaf, and share why you like that particular one[edit | edit source]

a feather, and discover what bird it is from[edit | edit source]

a rock, and learn what type it is[edit | edit source]

a seed, and identify the plant it comes from[edit | edit source]

Recite the golden rules for hiking[edit | edit source]

Never cut trees[edit | edit source]

Never pull up live plants[edit | edit source]

Do not remove any type of markers[edit | edit source]

Stay off “No Trespassing” property[edit | edit source]

Ask permission before walking on private property[edit | edit source]

Don’t litter[edit | edit source]

Explain what side of the road to walk on and why.[edit | edit source]

Walk half a mile to a picnic area. Carry and eat your own lunch.[edit | edit source]

== Walk one mile and find nature items for each letter of the alphabet, such as: A = acorn; B = butterfly; C = cattail; D = duck; etc. ==

Take two walks of at least two miles each and talk about what you see. Tell what day of the week each item was created on.[edit | edit source]

Recite five safety rules for walking[edit | edit source]

Always walk with at least one partner[edit | edit source]

Carry water when going for a walk[edit | edit source]

Wear comfortable walking shoes[edit | edit source]

Wear proper clothing[edit | edit source]

Watch where you walk so you won’t become lost[edit | edit source]