Adventist Adventurer Awards/Photo Fun

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Photo Fun

Know some of the basic parts of a camara.[edit]

Even camera phones, tablets, laptops, etc. have these parts.Research and describe where they are.




Screen/View Finder[edit]


Power button[edit]

Talk about or show different devices people use to take pictures. Which ones would you like to take pictures with?[edit]

Encourage discussion.

How can you carefully handle and care for the devices?[edit]

Do not touch the lenses, use a neck/wrist strap, keep dry and clean, do not drop, ask for permission before each use, turn the camera off.

Take some pictures and share them with friends and family.[edit]

Have fun. Hold camera steady. Stand still, Zoom in and out.

The goal is to experience a VARIETY of photo situations. Most phone cameras have good zoom and the ability to take action, macro (zoom in), and even evening/nighttime shots. Show the child how to use the features offered on the devices your family uses.

Pictures of family[edit]

Pictures of friends[edit]

Pictures of scenery (like flowers, trees, rivers)[edit]

Pictures of animals[edit]

Pictures of your favorite places (playground, museum, home)[edit]

Pictures of a place you visit regularly (park, school, museum, or church)[edit]

Pictures of a place you don’t usually visit[edit]

Play a photo fun game that teaches more about photos.[edit]

Photo game might be one of the following: Photo Scavenger Hunt; What is it? – take close up picture, then have others identify it; Where is it? – take close up pictures, then have others identify where it was taken; Pose in a Bible character position, take a picture, then have others identify what character.

What does it mean to be “made in God’s image?” Read & discuss Genesis 1:26-27[edit]

Being made in God’s image means we are made after his likeness. Discuss further.