Adventist Adventurer Awards/Jesus’s Special Supper

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Tell the story of the Last Supper.[edit | edit source]

Go to this link to listen to the story: The Last Supper

Explain why Jesus washed the disciples’ feet as a servant.[edit | edit source]

We wash each other’s feet to show we are humble and no better than anyone else. We should be servants like Jesus was.

Explain what the bread and the juice represents.[edit | edit source]

The bread represents the body of Jesus

The Juice represents the blood of Jesus

What happened at the end of the special supper?[edit | edit source]

Have a prayer thanking Jesus for HIS love.[edit | edit source]

Read Matthew 26:30 and sing a hymn.

Matthew 26:30

30 When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.

Make a craft to illustrate the Last Supper.[edit | edit source]

  • Color and cut out.
  • Fold tabs on side of table up. Fold elbows over hanging up. Fold vertical folds following fold marks either side of Jesus.
  • Glue together.
  • Fold tabs under food and glue anywhere on table.

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