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Dog award multi level

Read and discuss the meanings of Matthew 15:26 and Luke 16:21.[edit | edit source]

Matthew 15:26 "He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.”

Luke 16:21 "and longing to eat what fell from the rich man’s table. Even the dogs came and licked his sores."

What does “A dog is man’s best friend” mean?[edit | edit source]

A dog is considered a man's best friend due to the fact that dogs are friendly companions, loyals, kind, playful, and unconditionally loving.

Listen to a story of how a dog helped someone.[edit | edit source]

First on the list of how dogs help people and the doggy award winner is Maya, who rescued her human companion, Angela Marcelino, from a male assailant. She won the Animal Miracle Network's National Dog Day Hero of 2008 award.

When a man forced his way into Angela's California home and began to choke her, Maya attacked him and Angela was able to get away. When the attacker ran off, Maya helped out again by providing a sample of the man's blood that had gotten on her fur.

Authorities were able to use the blood to make a DNA match and eventually catch the criminal. Maya story's serves to give the breed some good PR too, helping dispel the rumor that pitbulls make bad pets.

Discuss how to care for a dog?[edit | edit source]

  1. PROVIDE A PROTECTED AND CLEAN LIVING ENVIRONMENT FOR YOUR DOG. Shelter from the elements and hazards, as well as good hygiene, are basic to a quality life.        
  2. ALWAYS KEEP FRESH WATER AVAILABLE. Maintaining optimal hydration is important for health and energy.
  3. FEED A QUALITY DIET AND PREVENT OBESITY. Overweight humans and animals can adversely affect health in many ways. Follow the dietary recommendations that your veterinarian will make according to the nutritional needs of your dog, based on size, age, level of activity and breed. Remember to provide healthy treats rather than table scraps, as rewards.
  4. HAVE YOUR PET EXAMINED BY A VETERINARIAN ON A REGULAR BASIS. Your veterinarian will provide you with the information on vaccination schedules, deworming and external parasite control. Keep a copy of your pet’s vaccination records in your home or with you when you travel. Contact your veterinarian if you believe that your pet may be ill, injured, or if something just doesn’t seem right. Your veterinarian is the expert on keeping your dog healthy.  Work as a team with him or her.
  5. PROVIDE AMPLE OPPORTUNITIES TO EXERCISE. Make sure your dog gets the regular exercise needed to enable it to be fit.  By being in shape, your dog will be more capable of participating in the activities that it enjoys.
  6. COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR DOG AND DEVELOP A RELATIONSHIP. Dogs are social creatures and they need to interact with their owner. Quality time will help you get to know your dog and understand  particular needs that it might have, as well enhance your ability to recognize early signs of an illness that could be developing. In addition, time spent in developing a relationship will help prevent many undesirable behavioral patterns.
  7. TRAIN YOUR DOG TO FOLLOW THE SIMPLE COMMANDS. Puppy and dog training classes can be very helpful. The better your dog is at following basic and necessary commands, the greater the chances are that your dog will live a safe and long life.
  8. PRACTICE REPRODUCTIVE CONTROL. If you do not intend to create puppies, spaying or neutering is a certain option. If you plan to breed your dog or are opposed to spaying and neutering for other reasons, take appropriate measures to prevent mismatings. Consult with your veterinarian in regard to other options that are available.
  9. DENTAL CARE IS VERY IMPORTANT. Many breeds are prone to gum disease, which can have serious implications. Infection resulting from this condition leads to premature tooth loss, and can commonly cause infections in major organs, including the heart valves.    
  10. DON’T OVERLOOK GROOMING AND NAIL TRIMMING. Long coated dogs are prone to developing matts and ice balls in their hair. Overgrown nails are common in elderly dogs and can make it more difficult for them to walk. In addition, such nails are much more prone to breaking, which can be quite painful.    


Dr. Stuart Nelson, Jr., DVM

Chief Veterinarian, Iditarod

How can dogs help people?[edit | edit source]

Pets, especially dogs and cats, can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. Caring for an animal can help children grow up more secure and active. Pets also provide valuable companionship for older adults. Perhaps most importantly, though, a pet can add real joy and unconditional love to your life.

There are dogs that are extra special because they are service dogs.

They are trained for people with disabilities: People with disabilities can augment all aspects of their lives with service dogs, who execute crucial aid depending on the disability of their owner. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) stipulates that service dogs are specially trained to assist a person with disabilities in their tasks and daily life activities. The tasks that service dogs perform are essential actions, like guiding people with visual impairments, signaling certain sounds for those who are deaf, retrieving items for people with mobility issues or alerting about impending cardiac episodes or seizures.

Aside from these physical aids, service dogs also have other advantages that enhance emotional well-being from their unique bond with their owners.

What kind of sounds do dogs make to communicate and what does each sound mean? Take turns making these dog sounds.[edit | edit source]

  1. Barking
  2. Whimpers
  3. Whine
  4. Howl
  5. Growl
  6. Grunting
  7. Panting
  8. Sigh

Make a dog themed craft.[edit | edit source]


Supplies[edit | edit source]

  • Brown paper bag
  • Colored cardstock or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Dog template

Play a dog themed game such as “Doggie, Doggie, Where’s your Bone”. You could also make up a memory game to play, such as “Pin the Doggie Tail”.[edit | edit source]