Adventist Adventurer Awards/Adventurer's Evangelism Patch

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Adventurer's Evangelism Patch
Special Award Patches

Be an Adventurer or staff member.[edit | edit source]

Attend at least ten meetings (evangelistic meetings, Daniel or Revelation seminars, etc.). If less than ten are conducted, attend at least two-thirds of them.[edit | edit source]

Participate at each of the meetings attended.[edit | edit source]

Wear your Adventurer uniform (including scarf and sash) while participating.[edit | edit source]

Participate in at least four of the following[edit | edit source]

- Be an usher.[edit | edit source]

- Pick up the offering.[edit | edit source]

- Have Scripture or prayer.[edit | edit source]

- Assist in the set-up/take-down of the meeting hall.[edit | edit source]

- Hand out the evening programs, brochures, etc.[edit | edit source]

- Give a testimony of what Jesus has done for you recently.[edit | edit source]

- Be a greeter.[edit | edit source]

- Help operate an Adventurer booth showing what the church has for its young people.[edit | edit source]

- Invite a non-SDA guest to attend the meetings and host them throughout the evenings.[edit | edit source]

- Contact at least ten individuals by phone or in person inviting them to attend the meetings.[edit | edit source]

- Assist in the children’s meetings, if available.[edit | edit source]