Traditional Chinese Medicine/Formula Design

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There are 64 therapeutic methods in the design of TCM formulas*:

  1. Relieving The Exterior With Pungent And Warm Herbs
  2. Relieving The Exterior With Pungent And Cool Herbs
  3. Reinforcing The Defensive Qi By Consolidating Superficial Resistance
  4. Lowering Adverse Flow Of Qi By Warming The Lung
  5. Lowering Adverse Flow Of Qi By Clearing Away Heat From The Lung
  6. Removing Phlegm By Eliminating Dampness
  7. Resolving Phlegm By Clearing Away Heat
  8. Relieving Cough By Tonifying The Lung
  9. Stopping Cough By Astringing The Lung
  10. Relieving Cough By Dispersing The Lung
  11. Moistening The Lung By Removing Dryness
  12. Inducing Diuresis By Removing Heat From The Lung
  13. Strengthening The Spleen By Warming The Middle-jiao
  14. Clearing Away Heat With Pungent And Cold Herbs
  15. Removing Stagnated Heat With Bitter Herbs
  16. Removing Stagnancy By Promoting Digestion And Eliminating Undigested Food
  17. Reinforcing The Spleen By Invigorating Qi
  18. Rescuing The Collapse By Invigorating Qi
  19. Lowering Flow Of Qi By Regulating Middle-jiao
  20. Dispersing And Descending Method With Bitter And Pungent Herbs
  21. Clearing Away Heat And Dispelling Dampness
  22. Inducing Diuresis By Strengthening The Spleen
  23. Nourishing Stomach-yin
  24. Purgative Method With Bitter And Cold Herbs
  25. Removing Stagnancy By Warming Yang
  26. Relieving Constipation By Loosening The Bowels
  27. Stopping Dysentery By Clearing Away Heat
  28. Inducing Astringency By Warming The Middle-jiao
  29. Arresting Bleeding By Warming The Spleen
  30. Harmonizing The Liver And Spleen
  31. Both Invigorating Qi And Tonifying Blood
  32. Expelling Cold By Warming The Channels
  33. Regulating The Liver By Enriching The Blood
  34. Removing Stasis By Activating Blood Flow
  35. Arresting Bleeding By Clearing Away Heat
  36. Soothing The Liver By Regulating Qi
  37. Stopping Endogenous Wind By Calming The Liver
  38. Relieving Convulsion By Stopping Endogenous Wind
  39. Treating Shaoyang Disease By Mediation
  40. Clearing Away Heat By Nourishing Yin
  41. Subduing Pain By Eliminating Obstruction
  42. Cooling Blood By Clearing Up Yingfen
  43. Clearing Away Heat From Both Qifen And Xuefen
  44. Inducing Resuscitation By Clearing Away Heat
  45. Inducing Resuscitation By Eliminating Phlegm
  46. Nourishing The Heart And Tranquilizing The Mind
  47. Tranquilizing The Mind With Heavy Materials
  48. Subduing Swelling And Dissolving Lumps By Clearing Away Heat And Removing Poison
  49. Restoring Yang For Resuscitation
  50. Restoring Physiological Coordination Between The Heart And The Kidney
  51. Nourishing Yin By Tonifying The Kidney
  52. Warming And Nourishing Kidney Yang
  53. Astringing Emission By Reinforcing The Kidney
  54. Inducing Diuresis By Warming Kidney-yang
  55. Treating Stranguria By Inducing Diuresis And Clearing Away Heat
  56. Simultaneous Treatment Of Both Lung And Kidney Diseases
  57. Strengthening The Spleen By Warming The Kidney-yang
  58. Clearing Away Summer Heat
  59. Resolving Dampness With Aromatic Herbs
  60. Softening Hard Lumps By Resolving Phlegm
  61. Relieving Colic By Expelling Intestinal Parasites
  62. Removing Obstruction By Activating Yang
  63. Expelling Pathogenic Factors From Both The Interior And Exterior
  64. Clearing The Upper And Warming The Lower Part Of The Body

  • Ref: Liu Gongwang, "Fundamentals of Formulas of Chinese Medicine (Clinical Essentials of Contemporary Series Chinese Medicine) (English and Chinese Edition)". Hua Xia Publishing House (October 4, 2002). ISBN: 7508019954