Traditional Chinese Medicine/Pulse Palpation

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The pulse is palpated to determine the type and course of disease.*

  1. Pulse Positions
  2. Basic Pulse Axioms
  3. Methodology Of Taking The Pulse
  4. Classification And Nomenclature Of Pulse Qualities
  5. Rhythm And Stability Of The Pulse
  6. Rate Of The Pulse
  7. Volume Of The Pulse
  8. Depth Of The Pulse
  9. Size: Width And Length Of The Pulse
  10. Shape Of The Pulse
  11. Individual Positions Of The Pulse
  12. Pulse Qualities As Signs Of Psychological Disharmony
  13. Prognosis And Prevention
  14. Pulse Interpretation

  • Ref: Leon I. Hammer, "Chinese Pulse Diagnosis: A Contemporary Approach (Revised Edition) [Hardcover]", December 1, 2005. ISBN: 0939616491