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Woordenschat ~ Vocabulary

Audiovisuele bladzijden ~ Audiovisual pages


Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

A major part of acquiring a new language is to expand your vocabulary. Children do that surreptitiously, playfully and in the context of a certain event or situation. It is hard to mimic that for a grown person, but here are a number of pages with words related by topic, usually with both visual and audio information, although that is still being worked on.

Category Type Vocabulary page Description
Basic Survival Survival kit A survival kit of the 63 most important words:
Basic Semantics False friends Lookalikes with different meaning
Basic Semantics True friends Same meaning, but different pronunciation
Grammatical Pronouns Pp. hover test Personal pronouns: test
Grammatical Numerals The numbers Numerals:
Grammatical Numerals Numb. hover test Numerals: hover test
Grammatical Prepositions Prepositions Prepositions and their adverbs
Grammatical Syntax Connective terms Words that connect sentences
Topical Time Days of the week Day of the week
Topical Time Months of the year Months and seasons
Topical Time Time telling Hours, minutes
Topical Time Time Related nouns, adverbs
Topical Consumption Food Basic Food & Drink
Topical Consumption Fruits Fruits
Topical Consumption Drinks Drinks
Topical Consumption Vegetables Vegetables
Topical Household Eating ware Forks, plates
Topical Environment Animals Animals
Topical Environment Landscape Landscape
Topical Daily life School School
Topical Daily life Family Family
Topical Daily life Human body Parts of the human body
Topical Hobbies Sports Sports
Topical Daily life Colors Colors
Topical Transport Forms of transportation Visuals of means of transport
Topical Daily life Bicycle Parts of a bicycle
Topical Daily life Clothes Clothing
Phrase Transport Asking directions Using public transport, asking the way
Phrases Consumption Eating Talking about eating
Phrases Daily life Politeness Polite formulas
Phrases Hobbies Talking hobbies Talking about hobbies

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