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Nederland (The Netherlands)

  Nederlands ~ Engels  

Dutch ~ English


Table of Contents

Zuid-Afrika (South Africa)
De Nederlandse Antillen (The Netherlands Antilles) Aruba (Aruba)
België (Belgium) Namibië (Namibia)
Suriname (Suriname) Indonesië
Flag of Belgium.svg Brugge
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Amsterdam
Flag of Belgium.svg Antwerpen

Inleidingslessen (Introductions)[edit]

  • Les 1: Eenvoudige gesprekken ~ Dutch grammar (introduction), conversations, polite and familiar forms, personal pronouns: subject and object.
  • Les 2: Onbekenden en vrienden ~ Verbs (introduction), polite and familiar conversations, word order in questions.
    • Les 2A Some more inflection.
  • Les 3: Getallen ~ Numbers 1 to 12, telling time, natural and grammatical gender of animate and inanimate nouns and the reference problem.
    • Les 3A: Some more time telling.
  • Les 4: Indefinite articles, more pronouns, plural of nouns.
  • Les 5: De weg vinden ~ Asking directions, conjugating regular verbs in the present .
  • Les 6: Numbers 13-100, simple math, colors. Past and perfect tense
    • Les 6a: More about the past tense
  • Les 7: Samenstellingen - Gluing words together - Diminutives
  • Les 8: Er and the pronominal adverbs. Pronominal replacement. Translating its.
  • Les 9: Zullen, kunnen and laten. Future and conditional.
  • Les 10: Separable verbs.
  • Les 11: Word order. Conjunctions and subjunctions
  • Les 12: Passive voice.
  • Les 13: Adjectives revisited
  • Les 14: Verbal nouns
  • Les 15: Modal particles, case endings
  • Les 16: Review of werkwoorden verbs
  • Les 17: Adverbs and Prepositions
  • Les 18: More about word order of separable verbs
  • Les 19: Inseparable verbs
  • Les 20: Exclamations!

Speciale lessen[edit]

  • Afrikaans — Comparison with Afrikaans, the language of South Africa and Namibia, and derived from Dutch. Until 1961 it was seen as the same language as Dutch.
    See w:Afrikaans for more information.
  • Vlaams — Flemish is a special case, not a language and not a dialect. It is commonly spoken in Flanders but has no official status or something comparable.
    Read the introduction on w:Flemish (linguistics) for more information.

Lessen voor gevorderden[edit]

  • Les 1A: Gesprekken ~ Polite conversation, word formation.
  • Les 2A: Richting vragen ~ Personal pronouns
  • Les 2B: Geschiedenis van ...


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