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Beginner level: cycle 1
Voorbeeld 4 ~ Example 4

Studentenleven ~ Student life

Wat zullen we drinken

Party!![edit | edit source]

Are you ready for a party yet? You deserve it: this is the last lesson of cycle 1 and that means you are halfway through the beginner level. All you need to do now is memorize this text before you can join in, but once that is done, go see this video And treat yourself on a suitable drink.

Wat zullen we drinken?
Wat zullen we drinken zeven dagen lang?
Wat zullen we drinken?
Wat een dorst!
Er is genoeg voor iedereen,
dus drinken we samen.
Sla het vat maar aan!
Ja drinken we samen niet alleen!
Dan zullen we feesten zeven dagen lang,
dan zullen we feesten met elkaar.
Dan is er bier voor iedereen,
dus drinken we samen zeven dagen lang,
dus drinken we samen, niet alleen
Wat gaan we drinken?
Translation • Example 4 •
What shall we drink?
What shall we drink seven days long?
What shall we drink?
What a thirst!
There is enough for everybody
so we drink together seven days long
Tap that keg already!
Yes, we drink together not alone
Then we will party seven days long
then we will party with each other
Then there is beer for everybody
so we drink together seven days long
so we drink together not alone
What are we going to drink?

Progress made[edit | edit source]

You have finished the first cycle of the Beginner level.

First test your acquired knowledge at this Quiz and then move on to the next cycle.

Cumulative vocabulary count for cycle 1
Lesson 1+ : 226
Lesson 2+ : 161
Lesson 3+ : 89
Lesson 4: 52, Lesson 4a: 44, Example 4: 7
Grand total
579 terms