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Push the arrow button to hear the pronunciation. You might have to increase the volume of you computer or other device, some recordings are rather soft. The recordings only give the noun itself, but remember that you should memorize the article as well, so say: "het brood" and "de pasta" in response to the sound clip.

Hovering over the image will give you the English translation, should you need it.

The links take you to WikiWoordenboek the Dutch wiktionary.
There you can look at any plurals or diminutives.
Look under "Afgeleide begrippen" (derived terms) and follow the links. Anything you recognize? (There are usually translations available)
If necessary use the interwiki link to the English wiktionary for clarification.

The wiktionaries are another way to study a language!

Bread Cheese Egg Rice Pasta
het brood de kaas (m./v.) het ei de rijst (m.) de meelspijs (v.)
de pasta (m./v.)
Tomato Lettuce Cucumber Carrot Potato
de tomaat (v.) de sla (v.) de komkommer (m.) de wortel (m.), de peen (v.) de aardappel (m.)
Apple Banana Orange Pear Grape
de appel (m.) de banaan (v./m.) de sinaasappel (m.) de peer (v.) de druiven (v.)
Water Milk Wine Coffee Tea
het water de melk (v.) de wijn (m.) de koffie (m.) de thee (v.)