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  1. Open and Distance Education
  2. SI521 "Open Educational Resources at the University of Michigan" Open Textbook
  3.'s Early Globalizations: East Meets West (1200s-1600s)
  4. Translating Adult Cartoons into Polish
  5. Radium Core
  6. Liberalism
  7. Do-It-Yourself
  8. Introduction to Mass Media
  9. History of Alaska
  10. Understanding the NAIC Stock Selection Guide
  1. Australian Property Law
  2. Handbook of epistemology
  3. A History of the British Monarchy
  4. Writing Adolescent Fiction
  5. Innovation Management in Education
  6. HKDSE Geography
  7. Social Statistics
  8. Job Search
  9. Data Science: An Introduction
  10. Job Search Automation for College Students
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