Asian Studies

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Unit 1- Geography and Identity

  1. Physical and Political Features of Asia
  2. How Geography Impacts Culture in Asia
  3. How Geography Impacts Economics in Asia
  4. How Geography Impacts Politics in Asia

Unit 2- Beliefs and Values

  1. An Overview of Belief and Value Systems in Asia
  2. Hinduism
  3. Buddhism
  4. Confucianism
  5. Taoism
  6. Islam

Unit 3- Power and Conflict

  1. Colonialism in Asia
  2. Nationalism in Asia
  3. Communism in Asia
  4. Militarism in Asia

Unit 4- Change and Modern Society

  1. Globalization and Asia
  2. The Environment and Asia
  3. Human Rights and Asia
  4. Territorial Disputes in Asia

End Notes