Ancient History

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Ancient Chinese terra cotta soldiers.
A Roman Colosseum.
Greek amphitheater at Delphi.
The Great Sphinx.
A map of the eastern hemisphere in 323 CE.
Terra cotta soldiers of Xi'an
The Athenian Parthenon.
Angro Mainyus devoring the Sacred Gayomaretan.
The Aztec calendar.
The ruins of Great Zimbabwe.
A Mesopotamian ziggurat.
An ancient Greek arrowhead.
A script in Cuneiform.
Wikibooks Ancient History

A prehistoric cave painting.
One of the famous Olmec head statues.
The Great Stupa at Sanchi.
The Great Pyramid at Giza
An artifact known as the "Priest-King," unearthed at Mohenjo-daro.
The façade of the Flavian Amphitheatre (also called the Colosseum)
The Great Mosque of Damascus.
Moai statues of Easter Island.
An Egyptian water clock.
A Persian cistern.
Ancient Mesopotamian Coin.
Volume One - World Geography
Volume Two - Human Evolution
Volume Three - The Ancient Near East
Volume Four - Ancient Egypt
Volume Five - Ancient China
Volume Six - Ancient India
Volume Seven - Ancient Greece
Volume Eight - Ancient Rome
Volume Nine - Ancient Iran
Volume Ten - Islam
Volume Eleven - The Ancient Americas
Volume Twelve - Ancient Africa
Volume Thirteen - Ancient Polynesia

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