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Aspies Book

This book takes Aspergia's idea of Re-branding Asperger's one step further -- A book about Aspies, by Aspies and for Aspies. It's time to define ourselves. Let's write The Aspies Book. For more information see this post. For more aspie resources see Resources.

What is this book about?[edit]

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Let's start with the obvious - nothing is obvious. There is no scientific consensus about what Asperger's Syndrome is. There is even no consensus what 'mind' is or how it works, nor what 'healthy' or 'normal' is supposed to be. Yet for some reason, medical professionals manage to say that for aspies, all these categories - mind, health, normality - are different. Why is that so? What does it do?

There may not be a consensus among medics, but is there one among aspies? Aspies are the true professionals. No one knows them as well as they do themselves. So what is this all about? This book tries to answer some of these questions.

Table of Contents[edit]


  1. 25% developed  as of unknown What makes me an Aspie and others not? (personal observations by aspies)
  2. 25% developed  as of June 14, 2017 How to make my life more predictable?
  3. 0% developed  as of May 25, 2017 Dealing with bullying
  4. 25% developed  as of June 14, 2017 Chatting online - Possible disturbances


75% developed  as of unknown Resources

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