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CA Unicenter NSM Textbook

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Reference Guide To CA Unicenter NSM 3.1 (and TNG 2.2, 2.4 and TND 3.0)[edit | edit source]

This aim of this book is to be the solid reference to Unicenter NSM that you always wished you had every week you work with this tool, and to demonstrate real world ways to deliver value from a toolset that is enormous, complex and deeply mysterious to most of its users.

The book aims to cover:

  • Unicenter NSM procedures with worked examples
  • its obscure command line utilities, and their syntax, with examples that work
  • hiterto unknown or lost sources of knowledge about this product
  • how to leverage "field developed utilities"
  • how to work around all the things in the product which work in a less than ideal manner in your environment.

At this point the initial contributors envisage these sections below.

Tips on understanding the architecture[edit | edit source]

This section should include architectural level content that describes how the product works for example, what each element such as the enterprise manager, DSM does, and how they relate to each other. Often understanding the NSM framework is like peeling an onion over many years, each layer of understanding reveals another question.

Top ways to deliver value from the suite[edit | edit source]

With an admin manual running to thousands of pages it can be daunting to see how to get value quickly from the toolset.

Command reference[edit | edit source]

An encyclopedia of NSM commands, each command should have as much detail as possible about:

  • its category and usage
  • what versions of NSM it works on
  • when you might want to use it
  • some examples of use

CA Unicenter NSM Textbook/Command Reference

Tools and how to use them[edit | edit source]

An encyclopedia of NSM tools and utilities, each tool description should have as much detail as possible about: - its category and usage - what versions of NSM it works on - when you might want to use it - some step by step procedures

Other reference information[edit | edit source]

Any miscellaneous information about the tool such as tcp/ip port usage, traffic size analysis etc. CA Unicenter NSM Textbook/Other Reference Information

Workarounds to common challenges[edit | edit source]

- how to guides to customise your way out of sticky challenges. CA Unicenter NSM Textbook/Issues and Workarounds

A faq section[edit | edit source]

- how to question and answer for common problems. CA Unicenter NSM Textbook/FAQ

Links to other info sources[edit | edit source]

Expose your treasure store of useful sources to the world! CA Unicenter NSM Textbook/Useful Links

CA Unicenter NSM Textbook | Understanding Architecture | Delivering Value | Command Reference | Other Reference Commands | Issues and Workarounds | FAQ | Useful Links