A Bit History of Internet

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Contemporary map of the entire Internet in semi-production phase (many hosts attached to the ARPANET were still using NCP at this point) in February 1982. The ovals are sites/networks (some sites included more than one physical network), the rectangles are individual routers. No individual hosts are shown. Drawn by Jon Postel of the Information Sciences Institute, under a DARPA research contract as part of Internet development.

A Bit History of Internet: Client-server, Peer-to-peer, Cloud-computing and Internet-of-Things

  1. Preface
  2. Chapter 1 : Introduction
  3. Chapter 2 : Circuit switching vs packet switching
  4. Chapter 3 : Internet Edge
  5. Chapter 4 : Internet Core
  6. Chapter 5 : Client-Server
  7. Chapter 6 : Peer-to-peer
  8. Chapter 7 : Cloud-computing
  9. Chapter 8 : Internet-of-Things
  10. Chapter 9 : Conclusions