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Iranian History

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Iranian History

Ancient Iran

Angro Mainyus devoring the Sacred Gayomaretan
  1. Geography of Iran and Ethnological and Political Divisions 0% developed
  2. Ancient pre-historic Iran 75% developed
  3. The Elamites 75% developed

The Achaemenids

  1. The Medes and the Early Achaemenids 75% developed
  2. The Era of the three Dariuses 100% developed
  3. Alexander's Campaign and the Macedonian Conquest of Persia
  4. The Seleucids100% developed

The Parthians

  1. The Early Arsacids 251 BC - 12 AD75% developed
  2. The Later Arsacids 12 AD - 226 AD75% developed

The Sassanians

  1. The Early Sassanians 226 - 379 AD100% developed
  2. The Middle Sassanian Period 379 - 488 AD100% developed
  3. Qobad I and the Two Khusros 488 - 629 AD100% developed
  4. Anarchy and Downfall of the Sassanian Empire
  5. Last Remnants of Sassanian Rule100% developed

Advent of Islam

  1. The Islamic Conquest of Iran
  2. The Umayyad Caliphate100% developed
  3. The Abbasid Caliphate
  4. /The Indigenous Dynasties: The Tahirids, the Samanids and the Saffarids
  5. Age of Literary Accomplishments

The Early Medieval Period

  1. Mahmud Ghaznavi
  2. The Later Ghaznavids and the Seljuqs
  3. The Empire of Khwarezm
  4. Origin of Sufism

The Mongols and the Ilkhanids

  1. The Invasion of Genghis Khan
  2. Halaku Khan and The Muslim Ilkhans
  3. Timur and the end of Mongol Rule

The Golden Age of Iranian Civilization

  1. The Early Safavids
  2. Abbas I or Shah Abbas
  3. The Later Saffavids

Nader Shah and the Qajars

  1. Nader Shah
  2. The Zand Dynasty
  3. The Rise of the Qajars
  4. The Great Game
  5. Modernity and The Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism
  6. The Iranian Constitional Revolution

Modern Iran

  1. The Pahlavis
  2. Ayatollah Khomeini and The Islamic Revolution
  3. The Islamic Republic of Iran