Brief History of Europe

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A Brief History of Europe

A Brief History of Europe is a free content online book published on English Wikibooks.

Also available on a single page, which should be printable if needed.

Table of contents[edit]

  • Peoples of the Early Middle Ages
  • Germanic peoples
  • Non-Germanic peoples
  • Roman Empire and movements of peoples
  • Migration Period and other migrations
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Italian peninsula in the Early Middle Ages
  • Francia and the Carolingian Empire
  • Europe from 814
  • Islam and the Caliphates
  • Islamic Golden Age
  • Al-Andalus and the Reconquista
  • States and territories of the High Middle Ages
  • Normans
  • England and the Angevin Empire
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Christianity and the Great Schism
  • Crusades, and the Seljuk and Byzantine empires
  • Crusades to the Holy Land and Sack of Constantinople
  • Mongols and the Golden Horde
  • Medieval renaissances and cultural changes
  • States and territories of the Late Middle Ages
  • Crisis of the Late Middle Ages
  • France and Burgundy
  • Hundred Years' War
  • War of the Roses
  • Holy Roman Empire and Hanseatic League
  • Rise of Muscovy
  • Rise of the Ottoman Empire
  • States and territories of the early modern period
  • Russia and Sweden
  • Holy Roman Empire and Brandenburg-Prussia
  • Brandenburg and Prussia
  • Houses of Habsburg and Habsburg-Lorraine
  • Austrian Monarchy
  • Italian and Ottoman wars
  • Habsburg Spain and the Eighty Years' War
  • House of Bourbon and France
  • Bourbon Spain and Spanish history
  • Reformation and religious turmoil
  • English Reformation
  • Counter-Reformation
  • European wars of religion
  • Age of Discovery and colonial empires
  • Rise of philosophy, the arts, science and trade
  • States and territories of the late modern period
  • Age of Revolution and late eighteenth century
  • French Revolution and French Revolutionary Wars
  • Napoleonic Era and aftermath
  • Post-Napoleonic imperialism (1815–1914)
  • Post-Napoleonic Europe (1815–1914)
  • Risorgimento
  • German Empire and Austria-Hungary
  • World War I and the interwar period
  • Russian revolutions and Soviet Union
  • World War II
  • Industrialization and cultural changes
  • Cold War
  • Fall of communism and recent history
  • Other aspects of the contemporary period

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