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There are different words for newspaper in Dutch. In the Netherlands the word krant is used. In the Dutch provinces North-Brabant, Limburg and in Belgium Gazet or Gazette is used. Another word is Courant or in Afrikaans, the variant in South Africa and Namibia, written as Koerant. A Dagblad is a daily paper and a Weekblad comes once per week.

These examples of papers which are also online are very practical to learn reading Dutch.

Flag of the Netherlands.svg Nederlandse kranten, Dutch newspapers[edit]

Flag of Belgium.svg Belgische kranten, Belgian newspapers[edit]

Flag of Suriname.svg Surinaamse kranten, Surinamese newspapers[edit]

Flag of the Netherlands Antilles (1986-2010).svg Kranten van de Nederlandse Antillen, newspapers of the Netherlands Antilles[edit]

Flag of South Africa.svg Suid-Afrikaanse koerante (Afrikaans), South African newspapers[edit]

Flag of Namibia.svg Namibiese koerante (Afrikaans), Namibian newspapers[edit]

Zie ook, See also[edit]