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An English Course on the Afrikaans Language

Getting Started

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  • Afrikaans ~ English(Cover page)
  • Introduction - Covers: History of the language, comparison to other languages, course philosophy
  • Pronunciation - Covers: Pronunciation of all vowels, diphthongs, consonants and stress.


[edit | edit source]
  • Lesson One - Covers: Similarities, Articles, Subject and Object Pronouns, Greetings, and the Infinitive and Present Tenses.
  • Lesson Two - Covers: Plurals, Sentence Structure, the Past and Future Tenses, "om te wees" and "om te hê", and Possessors.
  • Lesson Three - Covers: Plurals Cont., the Infinitive Modifier, Determiners, and Phrases, "I love/like" and "I need".
  • Lesson Four - Covers: Auxiliaries and General Word Order
  • Lesson Five
  • Lesson Six
  • Lessons Seven
  • Lesson Eight


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