Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes/Day 4 - Trial Latter

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As you apologize to Edgeworth for what happened, Gumshoe comes in. Lana wanted Gumshoe to give you a book. The cover reads, "Evidence Law", and the book will be added to the Court Record. Lana also wanted him to tell you, "If you're planning to take HIM on, you're going to need this book."

Lana claimed to have stabbed Goodman, but he was already dead. So the real killer is still out there somewhere. This case has hurt many people. Edgeworth unknowingly used forged evidence to have an innocent man sentenced to death, and you have implicated your client's little sister as a murderer. This is a complete nightmare for everyone, and it's now up to you to end it.

Back in court, the judge tells Edgeworth that due to his actions, he will receive harsh penalties. Edgeworth heartily accepts… and turns over his right to call witnesses to you. Present Damon Gant's profile to call him to the stand. He led the SL-9 case first-hand, and you probably want to hear what he has to say.

Gant takes the stand and warns you he has "weapons" at his disposal. Gant begins to testify. He'll warn the court if his testimony is a waste of time, he'll be allowed to refuse further testimony. Edgeworth and the judge, however know the consequences behind it. So, you have to hit him hard and fast with evidence before he decides to refuse to go any further.

Gant's Testimony: SL-9 Incident

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Gant's Testimony
- SL-9 Incident -

  1. As I recall, Neil and I were questioning him that day.
  2. To make a long story short, we slipped up. That power outage didn't help either.
  3. When I went to my office, I found Lana there.
  4. Apparently she had already… "arranged" the crime scene.
  5. As you can see, I had nothing to do with the "forgery".

Gant says before Darke was arrested, he was knocked unconscious when Ema pushed Neil.

SL-9 Incident: Cross-examination

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Gant is clearly lying. Present the Unstable Jar or Evidence List on Gant's 5th statement. Remember when you were at Gant's office. You found this in Gant's safe, and the second half of the Evidence List in Gant's desk. Gant denies it, saying you are probably forging the evidence. Even though Gumshoe was there, Gant doesn't think this would have stopped you.

The judge has Gant testify to prove his point.

Note: You can Present a Strip of Cloth on the final statement, but in case you didn't get the memo via Evidence Law, rule 2 states that "unregistered evidence presented must be relevant to the case in trial". So, for now, hold on to it until a Strip of Cloth is proven to be connected to this case.

Gant's Testimony: Evidence & Forgery

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Gant's Testimony
- Evidence & Forgery -

  1. For all I know, you could have planted them in my office.
  2. Anyway, you can't prove "when" those pieces of evidence were discovered.
  3. If they were found after Darke was convicted, then they're worthless.
  4. There's no reason I'd participate in a forgery.
  5. Rearranging the crime scene wouldn't help me out in any way.

Gant warns you that consequences may be at hand when you slip up.

Evidence & Forgery: Cross-examination

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Press on Gant's 5th statement. He probably rearranged the crime scene to get his Chief of Police position. However, Gant tells you that even if he didn't, he was still going to get the position anyway. So, he probably did it to help someone else. Gant denies it, saying he only helps himself. The judge has Gant add that statement to his testimony.

  • "I wouldn't be anyone's 'accomplice' if there was nothing in it for me."

Press on that statement. There was "nothing in it" for him? Gant didn't care about Ema at all, and Edgeworth backs up this claim that he only looks out for himself. Something else is going on here. When asked if Gant would help someone out, choose "Point out accomplice". The judge wants to know who. Present Lana Skye's Profile. If he appointed Lana Chief Prosecutor, he must have done it for his own profit. He had Lana transferred so he could control the Prosecutor's Office through her.

Gant wants proof of your claim. Edgeworth states that in the current case, Lana has been acting strangely, as if she was being "controlled". If that is true, then Gant probably forced Lana to take the fall for the murder. If that is true, then he must be blackmailing Lana!

The judge wants you to show evidence tying Chief Gant to the murder. Present the ID Card Record. The last remaining card number on the list is "7777777". That is the same number that unlocks Gant's safe in his office. This proves that Gant was at the Evidence Room on the day of the crime. Gant admits to going in the Evidence Room, but as he's allowed to go anywhere, this is immaterial. You claim that he met with Goodman that day, but the judge wants you to show some proof.

Present Goodman's Lost Item Report. In yesterday's court session, you found out that Marshall stole Goodman's ID Card on the day of the murder. Goodman would have had to file the report with the Chief, and he definitely filed it, because he needed to transfer the evidence from the SL-9 Incident. Since all the numbers on the ID Card Record are accounted for, Goodman and the murderer must have used the last one left — Gant's ID! Furthermore, if Gant had just lent the card to Goodman, it would have been found on his body.

You have Gant on the ropes now. He killed Goodman, then he called Lana to dispose of the body. But how could he have done so? Goodman was killed in the Evidence Room, but was found at the Prosecutor's Office, and Gant and Lana never left their respective offices that day.

The judge wants you to show how Gant managed to move the body. Present the Screwdriver or the Parking Stub. On the day of the crime, Gant told Edgeworth to take the Screwdriver to the Prosecutor's Office. Edgeworth did so, and parked at the Underground Parking Lot. Goodman's body was found in the trunk of Edgeworth's car, so Gant must have put Goodman's body in the trunk and Edgeworth moved the body to Gant's accomplice, Lana Skye.

Gant then decides to take a break. Remember, as the Chief of Police, Gant has the authority to refuse to testify. He can leave the courthouse, unless you have concrete proof that he killed Goodman. You have a choice, choose "I have no proof yet". Gant then leaves, and the judge penalizes you for accusing the Chief of murder.

Before the judge can do so, however, Edgeworth objects, saying there is someone else that could testify. You have the authority to call up witnesses, so when given the choice, present Lana Skye's Profile. The judge calls for a recess. Before he can do so however, Gant takes the stand, warning Lana that if she agrees to help with Phoenix's claim, her sister will be found Guilty of Neil's murder.

Recess (2)

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Gumshoe comes in saying he is now taking your assistant's place. Does he mean Maya? Edgeworth then explains about the "risks" he was talking about concerning Gant refusing to testify. If he refuses to testify, that also means he gives up his right to testify later if he wants to. Ema then walks in looking somewhat happy. She heard everything about the case. Lana was blackmailed by Gant to protect her little sister. She is also sad, because if it wasn't for her accidentally killing Neil, this probably wouldn't be happening right now. You step into the courtroom now, where hopefully Lana will tell the truth.