Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 2: Turnabout Sisters/Day 2 - Investigation

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After the trial finishes for the day, you will arrive at the Detention Center to visit April May. Needless to say, she’s not very happy with you and it is impossible to get any information out of her. Move to the Grossberg Law Offices.

Grossberg Law Offices

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Grossberg is not in the office at this time. But something else is wrong with the picture. Where's that painting? Examine the items on the corner of his desk, and you will find two photographs with "DL-6 Incident" on them. You will only be able to take one photo at a time. Take the Photograph labeled as "DL-6 Incident — Exhibit B", which gets added to the Court Record, and move to the Gatewater Hotel.

Note: If you're scratching your head on "DL-6 Incident - Exhibit A", without spoiling it, reach the second half of "Turnabout Goodbyes" to know what's important about that photo. Also, showing this photo to Miss May and the Bellboy will give a different response and you realize you're on the wrong track.

Gatewater Hotel

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The bellboy will be in April May’s room. He'll praise you for making his hotel popular because of this court case. Talk to the bellboy:

  • Miss May: He doesn't want to talk about her.
  • The man with May: He says that he could identify the man that was with April May if he saw a photo.
  • The hotel: The bellboy wants to add a subtitle to Gatewater — "Murder Manor."

Present the Photograph to get the bellboy to Write it down his Bellboy's Affidavit. This will be added to the Court Record.

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center

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Present the Photograph to April May. Then present the Bellboy’s Affidavit. You will have an option at this point. Choose "Push her hard". She will now start to talk. She will tell you that she works for Redd White, the owner of Bluecorp and that it was he that checked in with her at the Gatewater Hotel. She will give you the address for the Bluecorp building. You'll discard the Bellboy's Affidavit.

Alternative method: If you choose "Ease her fears", you'll get frustrated and decide to throw away the Bellboy's Affidavit since you almost got her to talk. So go to Grossberg's Office and show the Photograph to him instead. He'll give you the location to the Bluecorp building, in return of the Photograph that you borrowed.

Move to Bluecorp.


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You will be greeted by the verbose purple businessman Redd White. Talk to White:

  • Miss May: April is White's secretary. White seems disappointed about what she has done.
  • Night of the murder: White refuses to talk unless you "put him on the witness stand", but doubts you could do so, as the law is his "toy".
  • Bluecorp: White tells you that Bluecorp buys and sells information — sensitive information. For a decade, he has been building up the corporation to the grand office it is.
  • That painting: Say "I’ve seen it before" or "When did you get it?". At this point, he will punch you! He then tells you to ask Grossberg about it and to get out of his office.

Move to the Grossberg Law Offices.

Grossberg Law Offices (2)

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Grossberg is now in his office. Talk to Grossberg:

  • Today's trial: Grossberg feels very sorry for Maya, and doesn't know what to do if she is found Guilty. If so, then why did he refuse?
  • Your refusal: Grossberg still won't talk about his refusal.
  • Mr. White After you tell him the large painting is bothering you, choose "He’s blackmailing you." (or other responses if you're interested) Grossberg has finally had enough and tells you the whole story. He is being blackmailed over the DL-6 Incident. (You can choose "You two are lovers" for a hilarious response from Grossberg).
  • DL-6 Incident: Years ago, Mia and Maya’s mother was involved in a murder case, the sorting code of the case being DL-6. She tried to use her spiritual powers to help find the murderer but had failed.
  • Reason for blackmail: Grossberg had helped her clear her name, but also told Mr. White that the police had to hire a spirit medium. When the police department tried to find out who had leaked this information, Mr. White offered to stay quiet to protect Grossberg, but for a price!

You will be informed that Mr. White has information on everyone: judges, the police, and lawyers to name a few. He will tell you to look in Mia’s office for more clues. Move to Fey & Co. Law Offices.

If you show the Photo of Mr. White, you'll return the photo to Grossberg.

Fey & Co. Law Offices

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Examine the shelves behind the desk on the right side of the screen. You will find some files in alphabetical order. Look through each option. In A–I you will discover a file about Mia’s mother. Then look in file J–S. Choose "Skim it". Phoenix will notice a file called "Suicide". In the files T–Z you will discover that the file for White is completely empty. It looks like Mia was collecting information on people that she suspected Mr. White was blackmailing. Newspaper Clipping will be added to the Court Record.

Move to Bluecorp once more.

Bluecorp (2)

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Present the Newspaper Clipping to Mr. White. When you can, choose "You blackmailed him", then choose "You’re wrong" (or "You're right" leading up to the same conclusion). At this point, Mr. White informs you that he will be testifying in court tomorrow — against you. He has the power to turn Phoenix into the suspect for the murder. Gumshoe appears and promptly arrests you after mistaking you for Hairy Butz. Can you trust this detective to get your name right? Gumshoe must have got the name from Mia in the previous case by mistake. Remember the last part of "The First Turnabout" in which Mia calls Larry "Harry"? Now you know.

You automatically move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (2)

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You will be in the Detention Center. At least Maya has been released, but now you're the one taking the blame. She’ll ask if there is anything she can do to help. It doesn’t matter which option you choose, she’ll be cheering for you anyway. Well if you want a funnier response, choose "Break me out" and she'll go into overload but realized, it's only a joke.

You tell Maya that you'll be defending yourself instead of assigning yourself an attorney. Maya decides to come and assist you at the trial for the first time tomorrow.