Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 4: Turnabout Goodbyes/Day 3 - Investigation

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In the office, you and Maya wonder what is troubling Edgeworth, when suddenly Larry bursts in to brag about his day in court. Talk to Larry:

  • Today's trial: You tell Larry he saved Edgeworth, but Larry isn't sure about Edgeworth's innocence. You put your trust in both of them — Larry and Edgeworth.
  • Edgeworth: You tell Maya he trusts Edgeworth so much because he and Larry saved him during a fourth-grade class trial. It's what made Phoenix want to become a defense attorney.
  • The class trial: Edgeworth's lunch money for the month was stolen during a PE class which Phoenix missed, making him the prime suspect.

In the trial, his classmates were all shouting at him, and even the teacher told you to apologize. However, Edgeworth objected, saying that you shouldn't have to apologize without evidence. The kids didn't believe him, but Larry intervened, scolding the class for picking on you, despite your innocence. The class finally quieted down and the teacher replaced Edgeworth's money herself. After that, the three of them were always friends.

  • Edgeworth's goals: You remind Maya that Edgeworth wanted to become a defense attorney, but then he suddenly transferred from school.

The transfer may have had something to do with the DL-6 Incident. Several years later, you found Edgeworth's name in the newspaper as a prosecutor. He wanted to find out why he had switched sides, so he decided to become a defense attorney, in order to meet Edgeworth again, since someday they would come face to face. You, Larry and Edgeworth all believe in each other. You saved Larry in your first trial and now it's time to do the same thing for Edgeworth.

Before you continue on the case, you put away the evidence you're not going to use in the court. Here's the following: Lotta's testimony, the second photograph, the compressor and the Gourdy article.

Move to the Gourd Lake Entrance.

Gourd Lake Park Entrance

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Gumshoe praises you for having a call even closer than yesterday. He also tells you that the Gourd Lake Woods is off limits, because a park ranger got mad about the camp. Move to the Boat Rental Shop. Along the way, you'll see that the balloon isn't at the beach anymore — Larry must have missed work for the trial.

Boat Rental Shop

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Here you'll hear a very familiar throat clearing. Looks like Grossberg is here. He tells you that he is just out for a walk. Grossberg tells you that if you find anything, just stop by his office. Move inside the Caretaker's Shack.

Caretaker's Shack

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It looks like Polly is still here. Why would the caretaker leave her? Examine the safe (the green box on top of the television on the right). You'll open it (automatically), and you'll find an anonymous letter saying, "Get your revenge on Miles Edgeworth…" Revenge? It also describes everything you found out about in court. It looks like a very great clue. The Letter from the Safe will be added to the Court Record.

Move back to the Detention Center.

Detention Center Visitor's Room

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Maya tells Edgeworth about the class trial but he doesn't remember. Talk to Edgeworth:

  • Why prosecute?: Edgeworth tells you his point of view of the DL-6 Incident. He suffered oxygen deprivation, just like Yanni Yogi. The defense found Yogi innocent due to lack of evidence. Edgeworth then hated defense attorneys, which changed his mind and so he became a prosecutor instead.
  • Prosecutor von Karma: Edgeworth says he learned everything he knows from Karma, similar to you and Mia. Edgeworth says Karma has run nothing but perfect trials, and every defendant he went against was found guilty, despite some being innocent. Even if he had a weakness, he would do everything to make it go away.

Present the Letter from the Safe to Edgeworth, who is shocked to see someone is taking revenge on him. It wasn't an innocent defendant he declared Guilty. The letter says, "Now is your time to get revenge on the two men who ruined your life." It probably means Edgeworth and Hammond. It also says "This is your last chance." Is it about the statute of limitations on the DL-6 Incident? Edgeworth thinks that if the caretaker got the letter and followed the instructions, he could be Yogi, the suspect of the DL-6 Incident.

  • Yanni Yogi: Edgeworth tells you that as the air thinned on that elevator, Yogi was calling for help. When he came to, he soon found out that Yogi was questioned, and with his mental problems was found innocent.

If so, then why would Yogi want revenge? Edgeworth then tells you about the nightmare he mentioned earlier in the day.

  • The nightmare: He's had the nightmare ever since the incident. As the air thinned in the elevator during the incident, Yogi assaulted Gregory for "stealing his air". Worried, Miles picked up the pistol in the elevator and threw it. Then he heard a scream, which ended the nightmare — the scream that has haunted him since.

He wonders if it was only a dream, or if it was real, then could he be the one who shot his father? He then finally brings himself to admit that he accidentally killed his father. Maya then realizes that someone else probably knows about the incident.

Move to the Grossberg Law Offices.

Grossberg Law Offices

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You tell Grossberg about Miles' dream. Grossberg then states that if Yogi wanted revenge on Edgeworth by framing him for murder, then it's probably because Edgeworth framed Yogi for murder, so the dream must be real. Miles threw the gun to save his father, but the pistol killed him. Talk to Grossberg:

  • Gregory Edgeworth: It turns out Gregory was without peer, except for Mia. He had a case against Karma, and though he tried to call attention to Karma's suspect methods, he lost the trial.
  • The spirit medium: The police had Misty Fey call Gregory, who accused Yogi of killing him. Yogi was found innocent of course. Could he have been lying to protect his son?

Present the Letter from the Safe to Grossberg, who then tells you that Hammond was a very skilled attorney. However, he won trials for his own sake, not for his clients. It turns out he only trusted in his own ability. When he declared Yogi innocent, he only did it for himself. Although he was declared innocent, Yogi was ruined socially, giving him a motive against Hammond. Grossberg says you'll find out more soon.

He then claims he recognizes the handwriting on the letter. He asks you who you think it is. You have a choice. Choose "Manfred von Karma". Choosing "Miles Edgeworth" or "Yanni Yogi" can be silly but you can always try again. Grossberg then realizes you're right, as he used to see Karma's reports all the time. If Karma told Yogi what to do, then why would he frame Edgeworth?

  • Prosecutor von Karma: Grossberg tells you that he may have known about Edgeworth's accident. How? Grossberg then tells you von Karma didn't leave that day's trial "unscarred", and he may be trying to get revenge on Gregory Edgeworth by hurting his son.
  • Gregory vs. Manfred: Grossberg tells you that after losing the trial, Gregory accused von Karma of using "faulty evidence", and the accusation stood. It was the only penalty von Karma ever got throughout his career.

von Karma then took a vacation for several months afterwards — the only vacation he has ever taken throughout his career. It is highly likely that von Karma will bring up DL-6, and Edgeworth will probably plead Guilty for the murder of his father. Phoenix knows he didn't kill his father, and so should you. Grossberg says there's a file of the incident in the Criminal Affairs Dept., so move there.

Criminal Affairs Department

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You won't meet Gumshoe here, as he is still looking for the caretaker. A policeman does let you check the Records Room as Karma is in there just now… uh oh. Quick! Move to the Records Room!

Police Department Records Room

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Here, you'll notice an open file. Examine the drawer sticking out of the right side filing cabinets. It's labeled "Unsolved Cases: Evidence", and inside you'll see that the DL-6 file is empty. You then face Karma himself. Talk to him about all of the available topics.

  • Edgeworth: He tells you that Edgeworth is second rate like his father, but won't explain why he took Edgeworth under his wing and trained him.
  • Tomorrow's trial: You find out that von Karma will definitely bring up DL-6 tomorrow and that he's sure Edgeworth will indeed admit his guilt.

Present to Karma the Letter from the Safe. Karma had told Yogi to burn it after reading — looks like he wrote it all right. Before you can argue however, Karma knocks you and Maya out with a stun gun. Not before she tackles him before falling unconscious.

You both came around shortly afterwards and of course, Karma has run off with the letter and all of the DL-6 evidence as well. Maya loses her self-confidence completely. She couldn't call her sister, nor can she protect you from Karma. You then see something in her hand — the bullet that killed Gregory 15 years ago. When Maya jumped von Karma, she took the bullet from him. This could be your only hope for tomorrow's trial.

The DL-6 Bullet will be added to the Court Record. With this, you may win the case tomorrow and hopefully bring back Maya's self-esteem. With one piece of evidence in your hands and many others in Karma's, this is your defining moment as a unique rookie lawyer against a professional highly strung prosecutor.