Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 4: Turnabout Goodbyes/Day 2 - Investigation

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At the Detention Center, you'll meet Maya. Talk to her about all of the available topics. If you talk to her, you'll get some good and some bad news. The good news is Gumshoe came earlier to tell her they'll let her go after questioning, seeing that it was her first offense, but you're going to need to come up with her bail money. The bad news is that she still can't reach Mia, so you're going to have to look for a local waterfall so she can get some training time in. Move to the Gourd Lake Entrance.

Gourd Lake Entrance

[edit | edit source]

There seem to be fewer cops around, and no Gumshoe. Move to the Gourd Lake Public Beach.

You won't see Larry here. Move to the Gourd Lake Woods.

Gourd Lake Woods

[edit | edit source]

You won't see Lotta, but you will see Gumshoe, who says "good show" about today's trial. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • Tomorrow's trial: Gumshoe says that Karma is bringing in another witness. Remember, in the trial, von Karma said there were two witnesses. Gumshoe can't tell you about that now.
  • Prosecutor Edgeworth: Edgeworth's fear of earthquakes may have something to do with the DL-6 Incident.
  • Maya Fey: Gumshoe mentions that he shed a tear when Maya saved the trial, and that Edgeworth is so grateful he decided to pay the bail.

Move back to the Detention Center to pick Maya up, then move to the Gourd Lake Entrance.

Gourd Lake Entrance

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Here, you'll face Lotta again, who wants to make it up to you for today's trial. Talk to Lotta:

  • Today's trial: She says she's brand new to the witness stand and doesn't know what to expect.
  • Gourdy: She still convinced that "Gourdy" will bring her to fame and stardom.
  • Making it up: She says she'll tell you about what Karma didn't want her to say.

Choose Deal but she'll need information about Gourdy. You'll tell her it doesn't exist, but she wants proof of that; it looks like you'll have to do some exploring. You may need to find a myth specialist.

Move to the Gourd Lake Public Beach.

Gourd Lake Public Beach

[edit | edit source]

Here you'll find a big Steel Samurai balloon and Larry. Talk to him if you want, but you won't get any new information.

  • Edgeworth: Larry thinks back at his childhood that Miles wasn't afraid of earthquakes prior to changing schools.
  • The big samurai: Larry has the big samurai balloon compressed. But the compressor had to be repaired prior to the "Steel Samurai" balloon released.

Move to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

Criminal Affairs Dept.

[edit | edit source]

You'll see Gumshoe here, so talk to Gumshoe:

  • The investigation: Gumshoe will say they haven't found any clues yet. He'll say that he's having another meeting about Edgeworth's motives.
  • Gourdy: Gumshoe will think you are crazy, but will agree to help you with some secret weapons.
  • Secret weapons: He'll give you one of the three weapons with which to find Gourdy: a dog, a fishing pole, or a metal detector. How are any of those three going to help?

If you are playing the HD iOS port, borrow the metal detector last and borrow the other two weapons first in order to obtain the Secret Weapons Three achievement.

Dog Note: If you bring along the dog to the beach, he'll go mad and eat all the Samurai Steel hot dogs just for the laugh!

Fishing Rod Note: Take it to the Beach Woods (where Lotta camps). You automatically take over Maya sneezing for something funnier. After you joke about bringing Missile the dog as bait, she clumsily tries to use the rod, taking all the pictures on the camera film. Oops! Even showing the rod to Lotta and Larry provide a few laughs.

Choose "Borrow the metal detector". The Metal Detector will be added to the Court Record. Now find that "monster". Move to the Gourd Lake Public Beach, then to the Boat Rental Shop.

Boat Rental Shop

[edit | edit source]

Nobody seems to be here, maybe because of the murder. Suddenly, the Metal Detector goes wild. Maya takes a look in the bushes, and she finds an Air Tank. The valve is broken, and it seems to be wrapped in flags. Haven't you seen those flags somewhere before? This could be a clue, so it'll be added to the Court Record. Move back to the Gourd Lake Public Beach.

Gourd Lake Public Beach (2)

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Present the Air Tank to Larry. He asks what about it. Answer, "Is it yours?". He wants to know why he would need it. Answer "To inflate something". He'll admit that he used it to try to inflate the Steel Samurai, but it didn't go well. Ask more about the tank, and he reveals to you that his normal air compressor was broken, so last week he used the Air Tank to fill up the Steel Samurai balloon. It didn't go well: the Air Tank made a loud bang (sound familiar?), and rocketed into the lake, taking the Samurai balloon and the flags with it. It landed in the lake.

Talk to Larry:

  • The flying air tank: It took Larry four days to find it, and when he finally did, it was Christmas Eve night — the night of the murder! However, he left before the murder took place, so he didn't know about it.

You may not have a new witness, but you did solve the mystery of Gourdy. Move to the Gourd Lake Woods.

Gourd Lake Woods (2)

[edit | edit source]

As you face Lotta again, Maya sneezes, wasting another roll on Lotta's Camera. Lotta made the trigger more sensitive so the sneeze set it off. However, if you did bring the fishing pole, it will replace the sneeze with the clumsy attempt near the camera. Whichever you prefer, it's still funny.

Talk to Lotta:

  • Gourdy: Tell her "Gourdy doesn't exist" or tell her you "found" Gourdy (the air tank). She obviously wants proof, so tell her the proof is here.

Present the Air Tank to Lotta. You'll explain about Larry's mishap, and that the Air Tank landed in the lake, and at the same time, a couple was taking the photo catching the tank falling into the lake, and it looked like the creature. So, Phoenix concludes that Gourdy was actually the Steel Samurai. The explanation hurts poor Lotta, but she still gives you the following information.

  • Case information: She reveals that she heard some cops talking about the other witness, who happens to be the Boat Shop caretaker.

He still lives there, so check it out. However, before you go, Lotta will give you the Second Lake Photo of the murder (remember, the Camera shot twice). However, it won't be much help, since it only has the lake in it. The Second Lake Photo will be added to the Court Record. Move to the Boat Rental Shop.

Boat Rental Shop (2)

[edit | edit source]

There still seems to be no one here. Move into the Caretaker's Shack.

Caretaker's Shack

[edit | edit source]

Here you'll meet the caretaker of the Boat Rental Shop, who apparently mistakes you and Maya for his relatives wanting to run his "pasta shop" while he's gone. Well, you are "Keith" and Maya is "Meg". Talk to the caretaker:

  • The pasta restaurant: He wants you to know that his "pasta" restaurant is the best. Basically, his restaurant is as good as the Rockies in the west of America.
  • The boat rental shop: He'll say that younger people wanted to ride his boats, so he keeps some outside.

Present to him your Attorney Badge, and he'll figure out you're not his kids. Phoenix tells him that he and Maya are investigating a murder that took place here. The caretaker will tell you anything, if you promise to run the Wet Noodle (his shop). Tell him you promise to run the Noodle and he'll say, "Good for you Keith!". What? Did he already forget that you're not Keith and Meg?

Present the Lake Photo to the caretaker and he'll say he has seen it. Talk to him:

  • What you saw: He'll tell you that a few nights ago he heard two "bangs" and saw two men in the water. One of them fell off the boat. The boat came back and a man walked past by saying something. The caretaker can't remember what he said.

Examine the parrot. It seems it only responds when its name is called. The Parrot will be added to your Court Record. Polly says lots of words if you know the secret command. Talk to the caretaker one last time.

  • Polly: The caretaker is forgetful, so he tells all his important information to his parrot.

Maya will ask Polly for the number to the safe. She'll say "1228", much to her owner's annoyance. Then the caretaker will tell you that "Little Terry" was here earlier. The caretaker's description of him is that of Gumshoe, who apparently told him to go to court tomorrow.

Maya asks Polly what you're forgetting. Polly says "Don't forget DL-6!". How does Polly know about the DL-6 Incident? The caretaker is sleeping, so he can't tell you anything. You automatically head outside. It seems this man knows something about the DL-6 Incident. You try to go in again, but he locked it from the inside. You need to talk to Gumshoe about this. Move to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

Criminal Affairs Department (2)

[edit | edit source]

Talk to Gumshoe:

  • The boat caretaker: It turns out they tried to get information on him, but couldn't find any.
  • The DL6 Incident: Gumshoe would tell you about the DL-6 Incident, but he wants proof that it has anything to do with the current case.

Present Polly to him. After telling him what the parrot said, Gumshoe will give you permission to go to the Records Room. Move there.

Records Room

[edit | edit source]

Here, Maya will find the record of DL-6. Talk to her about the various parts of the incident:

  • The case summary: December 28, 2001: Court District No. 3 elevator — the same court where the trial is being held! There was a huge earthquake, causing part of the building to collapse and the power to go out. The elevator became stuck and three people were caught inside it. It took five hours to rescue them. With lack of oxygen, two of them were unconscious and one was shot dead in the heart. The victim was Edgeworth's father. Edgeworth witnessed his father's death, so he must have been one of the trapped people.
  • Victim data: The victim, Gregory Edgeworth was a defense attorney, age 35. He had lost that day's court case, and was in the elevator with his son Miles. From the angle and other evidence, it couldn't have been a suicide. A pistol was found in the elevator. The pistol shot twice before killing Gregory. Sounds just like the current case.
  • Suspect data: The name of the suspect that Misty Fey had arrested was Yanni Yogi. He was a court clerk, and the third person in the elevator. He could have killed Gregory, but Hammond, the victim in the current case, found him innocent. The suspect, Yanni Yogi, was oxygen deprived and suffered brain damage, losing his memory in the elevator. He disappeared since he was found Not Guilty, and can't be found to this day. Where could he be now?

"Maybe closer than you think", says Phoenix. The DL-6 Case File will be added to the Court Record. Hopefully, that's everything you need for the trial tomorrow, because that ends Day two.