Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Characters

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Icon Name Description
Phoenix Wright He is the protagonist in the story. When the game begins, young Phoenix has only been an attorney for three months. Maya and Larry call him "Nick". He has also been referred to as "porcupine head."
Mia Fey Mia is Phoenix's boss and mentor at Fey & Co. Law Offices. She is highly competent and is well respected. A very capable attorney with brains and beauty, at 27 she's already a rising star in legal circles around the country.
Maya Fey Maya is Mia's little sister. Through a strange set of coincidences, she becomes an assistant to Phoenix. Maya is a massive fan of the Steel Samurai and has a love of food. Maya is friendly and sweet although sometimes she can be a little overzealous.
Miles Edgeworth Edgeworth is Phoenix's rival. He became a prosecutor at the age of 20. He has a profound hatred for crime and criminals. Many rumors surround Edgeworth and his willingness to do anything to achieve a Guilty verdict. Many believe he is a genius, many think he is corrupted.
Dick Gumshoe Gumshoe is absent-minded and can be short-tempered at times. Mostly he is a friendly and helpful character. He has great respect for Miles Edgeworth and has a tendency to interrupt conversations.
Larry Butz Larry is a highly emotional young man. Often swinging from sad to happy in a matter of seconds. Larry has been friends with Phoenix since school and is known to be a troublemaker. Phoenix reminds you, "If something smells, it's usually the Butz." Larry is Phoenix’s first defendant and returns later as a witness.
The Judge The judge is never given a name, however he is present for all of the trials. He is an old man and often needs things spelled out for him in order to understand what is happening in the trial.
Will Powers He is an actor on the popular kids' TV show "The Steel Samurai." He is accused of murder and it is up to Phoenix (with the help of Maya) to try to find Mr. Powers Not Guilty.
Manfred von Karma One of the world's most feared prosecutors. He is Edgeworth's mentor and his family aims at nothing but perfection, and that is what makes Manfred von Karma seem powerful. He likes to mess with people's minds, and he even looks like he controls the judge. This is one prosecutor you don't want to mess with, as he hasn't lost a single case throughout his 40-year career.
Lana Skye She is a star prosecutor who has been accused of murder. Lana admits her guilt to Phoenix right from the start of the case. Proving her innocence becomes hard work when she's working against you. She has a very cold exterior.
Ema Skye She is Lana's little sister. Since Maya leaves to continue her training, Ema becomes your assistant for the final case. She is a little naïve and has her heart set on becoming a Scientific Investigator when she gets older. She is positive that her sister is innocent, and will stand by her no matter what. Ema's scientific reasoning can be very helpful at times.