Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 3: Turnabout Samurai/Day 2 - Investigation

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Now you can investigate the section of the studios that you haven’t been to yet. That is Studio Two. But don't go there yet. Instead, head for Employee Area first to find out more about the director and producer. Including the kid that's mentioned in the court yesterday in Oldbag's word "whippersnapper". You can visit the Detention Center but that's optional.

Detention Center

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Talk to Will Powers:

The fanboy: In short, the kids sneak in behind Oldbag's back to catch a glimpse of their favorite hero, the Steel Samurai.

The director: The studio keeps it quiet about the run through. Though it is confirmed that he's present in the Employee Area to do the rehearsal.

Employee Area

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When you arrive, Penny the assistant will just be finishing boarding up the grate so people can’t get in that way anymore. She will chat for a while and then leave. Examine the boarded up drain, and when Maya asks you if she can open it, select "Rip it open". Hopefully this will let the fanboy in, so you can get a chance to talk to him. Move to the Main Gate.

Main Gate

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Penny is the acting security guard today. Talk to Penny:

  • The studios: There are police wandering everywhere. They won't even let Penny clean up for fear of "disturbing evidence". That means the lunch plates are in the same places they were on the day of the murder.
  • The fanboy: A lot of kids sneak into the studios, one of them is a regular, and he's always snapping photos.
  • The director, et al.: Penny will mention that the producer saved the studio, and is the most important person at Global Studios.

Move to the Employee Area, then to the Dressing Room.

Dressing Room

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When you enter the Dressing Room, you will be faced with an unusual character who speaks with internet innuendos. This person is Sal Manella. He is the director of The Steel Samurai. Sal will become very preoccupied with Maya’s appearance, and start talking about a new sequel to Steel Samurai he can make called Pink Princess. This is going to happen after this case. Talk to Manella:

  • The day of the crime: Manella says he was in a meeting from noon until after 4:00 PM on the day of the murder. Remember, Hammer's death was at 2:30 PM, so if Manella is telling the truth, it may be an alibi.
  • The producer: Manella praises the producer as a genius, yet scary. She was with him during the time of the meeting. Her name is Dee Vasquez. She's the person who brought the studio out of trouble and revived the Steel Samurai.
  • The bigwigs: You will learn that he was in a meeting with the producers and some "bigwigs" in the Studio Two Trailer.

Move to Outside Studio Two.

Studio Two Entrance

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You will notice loud noises coming from inside the trailer. The door is still locked though. Move to the Main Gate.

Main Gate (2)

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Wendy Oldbag has returned to her security guard duties. She appears to be unhappy that you've accused her of murder. She tells you that the police released her, as she didn’t fit inside a spare Steel Samurai costume. You can talk to her, but you won’t get any real information.

Move to the Employee Area.

Employee Area (2)

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You will find a young boy with a camera in the Employee Area. He must have come in through the drain you allow Maya to open. His name is Cody Hackins. Talk to Cody:

  • The Steel Samurai: Cody seems to be as big a fan as Maya.
  • What happened: He will say that he "saw everything" and then he’ll run away.

Once Cody leaves, Maya finds a Empty Bottle. It will be added to the Court Record. You can examine the bottle in the Court Record. The label says they are sleeping pills. Move to the Main Gate.

Main Gate (3)

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Oldbag has disappeared again; she must be looking for Cody. This is your chance to get the key for the trailer at Studio Two. Examine the guard station to get the Trailer Key. If you're still not sure, it's basically the same spot where you got the security camera photo before.

Move to Outside Studio Two.

Studio Two Entrance (2)

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Examine the door to the trailer, and you will unlock it. Move inside the Trailer.

Studio Two Trailer

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You are now facing Dee Vasquez, the producer. Talk to Vasquez before you leave. She won't say anything useful, except that she is missing the script to episode 13 of The Steel Samurai. After talking about all topics, she presents you with Vasquez’s Memo, which will be added to the Court Record. You need to deliver this to Sal. Move to the Dressing Room.

Dressing Room (2)

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Present Vasquez’s Memo to Sal. Sal says he can’t remember where he left the script. Looks like it’s up to you to find it. Move to Inside Studio One.

Studio One

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You should be able to notice a script sitting on the director’s chair inside Studio One. Examine it to receive the Script. Move to the Trailer.

Studio Two Trailer (2)

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Present the Script to Vasquez. She will begin to talk to you:

  • The day of the murder: She’ll say that it was impossible for the people in the meeting to go to Studio One that day because the path was blocked.
  • The blocked path: Mr. Monkey's head fell over onto the path, and they didn't start moving it out of the way until after 3:00 PM. The path wasn't unblocked until after 4:00 PM.

The murder happened at 2:30 PM. Phoenix will mention that someone could have gone to Studio One if Mr. Monkey was blown over onto the path after 2:30 PM. Vasquez will take you out to the Studio One Entrance and say that Mr. Monkey has a clock inside him which stopped working when he was broken. The time in Mr. Monkey is 2:15 PM, meaning the path was blocked from that time until after 4:00 PM when it was cleared by a crane.

It would appear that no one could have left Outside Studio Two between 2:15 PM and 4:00 PM. Looks like their alibi is pretty good. This information is added to the Court Record as Mr. Monkey’s Head.

Things aren't looking good for you. Move to the Wright & Co. Law Offices.

Wright & Co. Law Offices

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Back in the office, you will have a visit from an old friend. Maya has channeled Mia, who reminds you that you still have one lead: Cody Hackins. He said he saw everything that day. Time to try and find him! Mia will be with you for the rest of day, so move to the Main Gate.

If you are playing the HD iOS port, make certain to examine the plant while Maya is channeling Mia to get the His Name is... Charley? achievement.

Main Gate (3)

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Oldbag has given up chasing Cody, but she says she has a "hostage". She won’t tell you what it is though. Although it's hard to ignore the huffing and puffing. Poor Oldbag. Talk to her anyway for details:

  • The fanboy: Oldbag says she'll lay him flat.
  • The director, et al.: Oldbag will mention that she would like to visit the place where Hammer died.
  • The "hostage": Cody had dropped something during the chase, but she wants something to trade with.

Present the Cardkey. She will trade it for the hostage, so select "Lend her the card key" when you can. You receive the Steel Samurai Card. It’s part of a collection. Maybe this will help with getting Cody to talk. Move to the Dressing Room.

Dressing Room (3)

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Here you will have Cody cornered. Present the Steel Samurai Card. Cody says he already has that one; Ultra Rare cards are not good enough, but Ultra Rare Premium cards are. You have to find one of these Ultra Rare Premium cards. You can talk to him again but he won't give you a straight answer.

Move to the Trailer.

Studio Two Trailer (3)

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Penny the assistant will be in the trailer. Talk to her:

  • The fanboy: She noticed that Oldbag was chasing the boy all over the place, but didn't manage to catch him.
  • Mr. Hammer: She’ll mention that something happened with Hammer, however when she learns that you don't know about it, she'll realize she shouldn't have said anything.
  • What happened?: You ask further and she clams up, not saying anything more.

When you have talked about all available topics, present her with the Steel Samurai Card. It turns out that she also collects Steel Samurai cards and is willing to trade one of her Ultra-Rare Premium cards for your Ultra-Rare one to complete her set. Select "Trade", and you will receive the URP Card, which goes into the Court Record. Move to the Dressing Room.

Dressing Room (4)

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Present the URP Card to Cody. Talk to Cody:

  • The Steel Samurai: When he asks what you like about the Steel Samurai, choose "His fighting skills". Cody will give Mia his collection of Steel Samurai photos, which he calls "The Steel Samurai: Path To Glory". It will be added to the Court Record. The book contains photos of every victory scene in every battle the Steel Samurai has ever won.
  • What happened: Mia asks him to answer the questions to help her and Phoenix fight for justice like his hero.
  • What you saw: He says he got to the studios at 2:00 PM that day, but spent about half an hour lost in the woods. Then he saw the Steel Samurai kill the bad guy with his spear. He was scared when he saw this and ran away.

This isn’t looking good. According to Cody’s statement, the Steel Samurai was certainly the killer, and so far the only person that doesn’t have an alibi and could have fit inside the costume was Will Powers! Mia says that this testimony could doom Will, so it would be best not to call him to the stand in court. Unfortunately, Detective Gumshoe just happened to be walking by and heard everything. He places Cody into police protection, and it is highly likely that Cody will be called to the stand tomorrow.

Mia will ask if you believe Will is innocent. Choose "I believe". The chapter will automatically end.