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Looks like this case now turns to the police department in the evidence room. In the defendant's lobby, Lana will tell you that despite being questioned by the police, everyone is still clueless about this case. You tell her that Jake Marshall might be behind this since you found his bloody fingerprints in the Evidence Room, but Lana is not sure about this.

Once the trial begins, Edgeworth states that it takes 30 minutes to get from the Police Station to the Prosecutor's Office and yet Goodman disappeared from the former and was found at the latter doing both at 5:15 PM. Edgeworth promises to bring accurate evidence to court. He calls Mike Meekins to the stand.

Meekins promptly admits to the crime. However, Edgeworth still demands that Meekins give the report about the murder. Get ready for an earful testimony (regarding the megaphone)!

Meekins' Testimony: Crime Report, Sir!

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Meekins' Testimony
- Crime Report, Sir! -

  1. Although it's not my normal duty, I was assigned to guard the evidence room that day!
  2. I spotted a suspicious man on the security screen, and rushed into the room!
  3. I was only doing what I was trained to do, sir!
  4. I was suddenly attacked!
  5. I fought for my life! Then I… I did it!
  6. After that I passed out… until another officer smacked me awake!

Crime Report, Sir!: Cross-examination

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Press all of Meekins' statements. Meekins was assigned to the Blue Badger (the dancing contraption in front of the Police Department) to make sure it wasn't broken during the evidence transferrals. After the award ceremony (where Edgeworth got his Prosecutor Trophy) there were a lot of people running around, so Meekins put it in the Evidence Room. Meekins needed an ID Card to enter the Evidence Room, and he reveals his ID number, #4989596.

If you look carefully, the number was used twice; 25 minutes before the crime, and around the same time as Goodman! The first time was for relocating the Blue Badger to the Evidence Room, and the second time was to get it back. It was during this second trip that he spotted the suspicious man on the security screen. The ID Card Record will be updated in the Court Record.

When Meekins saw the knife, he began wildly swinging his arms and cut his hand in the process, before finally grabbing the man by the collar. Meekins eventually got the knife from the man, whose white coat was drenched with Meekins' blood. But then he punched Meekins right in the face. Meekins was slapped awake at 5:30 PM. Afterward, he went to finish his deed, and put the Blue Badger back in its place in front of the Department.

The judge believes he has heard an accurate testimony, but one thing remains unclear, was the man murdered at the Police Department really Goodman? Meekins then presents a videotape of the murder sent in by Chief Gant. This comes as a surprise to Edgeworth, who was told that the tape had been mistakenly erased. You then see the tape.

Here is the description of the tape. The camera pans left and right:

  • Right view 1: Nothing interesting here, except the Blue Badger.
  • Left view 1: Goodman walks by.
  • Right view 2: Goodman opens his locker.
  • Left view 2: Meekins sneaks up on Goodman.
  • Right view 3: Goodman spins around, slashing Meekin's hand. They begin fighting each other.
  • Left view 3: The fight continues as the camera faces away from them.
  • Right view 4: Meekins is knocked out, slumped against the wall and Goodman is nowhere to be seen.
  • Left view 4: Nothing interesting here, maybe.

As you can see in everyone's faces (shock and annoyed is best described), while it proves Meekins did encounter someone and there was some activity, the tape doesn't show the man's face or what happened because of the panning of the camera and the Blue Badger in the way! Edgeworth tells Meekins to describe the man. The Security Video is added to the Court Record.

Meekins' Testimony: Mystery Man

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Meekins' Testimony
- Mystery Man -

  1. His face can't be clearly seen in the video,
  2. but there's no question that the other person was Detective Goodman, sir!
  3. I mean, he opened the locker, which required Detective Goodman's fingerprint to do!
  4. The locker he opened is unquestionably Detective Goodman's locker, sir!
  5. So it must be him! No one else could have unlocked it!

If there's one trait that makes Meekin a competent witness, is that he never looks at people's faces! How could they hire him to be part of the police force is he acts like a soldier following orders in which he's only good at?! Pray for a glimmer of hope from his testimony.

Mystery Man: Cross-examination

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Press Meekins' 5th statement. Edgeworth asks if there is a problem with the videotape. Say "There's a problem". You then examine the tape. Alternatively, you can present the "Video Tape" on this statement as you automatically examine the tape.

Video tape

You are about to examine a videotape. There are three buttons on the bottom: fast forward, pause, and rewind. If you need to go faster, hit fast forward. If you need to go back, press rewind. If you need to stop for a moment, press pause. If you see something interesting, pause, put the cursor on the interesting object, and present it.

Wii Remote Controls on WiiWare Version: These controls might be a little bit tricky to use: D-Pad is to move the cursor on screen. A button is to play and pause the video. B button and D-Pad (or twist the Wii Remote to the right) to fast forward or move to the next frame. B button and D-Pad (or twist the Wii Remote to the left) to rewind or move back a frame. - button is to present where on the video you want to show.

DS/3DS Controls: The setup should be simpler than the Wii Remote Controls. The D-Pad is to move the cursor on screen. B button is to play and pause the video. Y button is to rewind or move back a frame. A button is to fast forward or move to the next frame. X button is to present where on the video you want to show.

  • Right view 1: Before Goodman walks over to the left side. Look at Goodman's locker. It's lit up! Present it. If the locker was lit, that means it was open. Goodman's locker was lit, so it was already opened. The judge wants you to show why. You examine the tape again.
  • Right view 2: If you look closely at Goodman's locker as it opens, you see something fall out. Pause at the right time and present it. When the locker was closed, the object might have been stuck between the door and the sensor.

The judge wants you to present the thin insulator. Present the Rubber Glove. It says "SL-9 Incident" on it, meaning that it belonged inside a locker. With it being outside, that means it must have fallen out of one of them. With this Glove, anyone could have opened the locker. Edgeworth isn't willing to give in and has Meekins testify more about the tape.

Meekins' Testimony: Mystery Man (2)

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Meekins' Testimony
- Mystery Man (2) -

  1. There's one other thing that proves the man was Detective Goodman, sir!
  2. To enter the evidence room, one must use their ID card!
  3. When an ID card is used, there's a record of it!
  4. At the time of the crime, the detective had used his card!

Edgeworth even has the ID Card Record to prove that Goodman's ID was used. The judge wonders why, since there should have been hundreds of transferrals scheduled, there were so few people on the ID Card Record. Edgeworth tells him that this specific Evidence Room (Sector Three) only stores evidence for certain special cases — only extremely violent ones involving the police staff. There were only a few cases scheduled for transferrals, and the other ones were mostly cleared up by noon. The judge is satisfied, so you begin the cross-examination.

Mystery Man (2): Cross-examination

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On Meekins' 2nd, 3rd or 4th statement, present Goodman's ID or Goodman's Lost Item Report. Goodman had lost something important to him that day — likely his ID Card. Not only that, you found his ID at the parking lot! Phoenix presents the case that the man that Meekins encountered was not Goodman, but rather the man that stole Goodman's ID Card. Edgeworth then makes a conclusion: if the man on the Security Video is a fake, then the murder in the Evidence Room is also a fake! If the murder didn't occur at the Police Department, then that means it must have happened at the Underground Parking Lot. This makes Lana Skye the prime suspect once again.

Object to this. While the camera doesn't show the moment of the murder, it is still related to the case. Time to call someone to the stand. When asked who, present Jake Marshall's profile. Edgeworth agrees to your request and calls him to the stand. The judge calls a 30-minute recess while they go get Marshall and the prosecution prepares.


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Lana tells Phoenix that Marshall knows something. Lana seems to know something about the case herself, but doesn't want to talk about it, even to her sister. Why? Gumshoe then comes in to bring files from the SL-9 Incident, at Lana's request. It is also revealed that Lana was a witness on that case. The SL-9 Incident Files will be added to the Court Record. In there, you see a list of people involved in the case known as the "Joe Darke Killings", and one of them is Ema, who runs off crying after seeing it. Gumshoe leaves too, and Lana wishes you the best of luck.