Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 4: Turnabout Goodbyes/Day 1 - Investigation

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You start out at the Wright and Co. Law Offices where you are watching television. As you'll learn, Maya's spiritual training is praying under a cold waterfall! You first suggest to her to use the cold shower. But she comes back saying the pressure is quite low. Then you tell her to get sprayed by the hose from a firefighter! Not a good idea since she comes back telling you she got yelled at.

You hear about the murder on the news after hearing about a sea monster, Gourdy, at Gourd Lake (where the murder took place). Maya is shocked, just like you and wants to find out what's going on. Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center

[edit | edit source]

Here, Edgeworth will suspect you came here to laugh at a fallen attorney. He then says he doesn't want you to see him like this. Talk to Edgeworth:

  • What happened: Edgeworth doesn't want your help, because you are still a novice.
  • Gourd Lake: Edgeworth will say he went to the lake to see Gourdy.

Not very good information, so present to him your Attorney's Badge to show him you really want to help. He'll refuse, as every other defense attorney he called turned him down, meaning his case is nearly hopeless. Since he had all of their clients found guilty, no one wanted to represent him.

  • Did you do it: He'll only say he doesn't want help, and asks you to stay out of it before he leaves.

Don't let him worry you for the moment. Move to the Gourd Lake Entrance.

Gourd Lake Park Entrance

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Here you'll meet Detective Gumshoe again, only to learn from a policeman that they haven't found any clues. He calls you Harry Butz again! Will he ever get your name right?! Gumshoe is very upset about Edgeworth's arrest. Despite that, he'll be open to questions. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • What happened: Gumshoe informs you about what happened, and that Edgeworth was arrested soon afterwards, because a witness called it in.
  • Edgeworth: He also says he's the only guy that believes Edgeworth is not the killer.
  • Defense request: Gumshoe doesn't know why Edgeworth won't let you represent him since no one else wants to take the case.
  • The witness: Gumshoe doesn't tell you who the witness is, but he does tell you the witness saw everything.

You can request the Autopsy Report, but unfortunately, Gumshoe is waiting for it too. However, he does invite you over to the precinct. He will also allow you to investigate in the park (remember you're looking for evidence).

As optional, you can come here first to investigate then later on meet Edgeworth in detention.

Move to the Gourd Lake Public Beach.

Public Beach

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Here you'll see four blue benches, and a Samurai Dogs stand. Examine the Popper on the lower right bench, and take it (you might need it for the next area).

Move to the Gourd Lake Woods.

Gourd Lake Woods

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All you see here is a tent, a camera, and an SUV. It looks like someone is camping here, but you don't see anyone. Examine the camera (it should be obvious). It has a microphone, so it could run by sound. Maya tries to get it to work by talking, then screaming. Finally, she uses the popper and it works... a little too well, as it takes all the remaining exposures on the roll. A woman comes out, angry that you've used all of her expensive film. Present to her your Attorney's Badge, she'll let you ask questions. After she tells you she's at the lake to photograph meteor showers for school, talk to her.

  • What happened: She'll tell you that she's been watching the lake for three days, but isn't sure about the murder.
  • Lotta: She is a student at Country U; she's here to watch a meteor shower. She's been here for three days.
  • The camera: Lotta's camera is programmed to only be triggered by loud sounds. The camera sounds important, so after that Lotta's Camera goes into your Court Record.

Present Lotta's Camera to her. You ask her if the gunshot would trigger the camera. If it did, then Lotta might have gotten a picture of the crime, which excites her enough to go check her film. She takes off in the SUV, so you'll have to come back later to find out if she has anything for you. Move to the Gourd Lake Entrance, then to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

Criminal Affairs

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You'll meet Detective Gumshoe, who just came back from a meeting. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • The victim: Gumshoe will tell you that they're still having trouble identifying the victim.
  • The meeting: After some talk, the police ended up thinking Edgeworth did it.
  • Trusting Edgeworth: He trusts Edgeworth because Edgeworth trusted the investigators. That's why he's able to pursue the Guilty verdict so single-mindedly.
  • The autopsy report: The good news is that he finally received the Autopsy Report. A copy will be added to your Court Record.

Maya wants to see the photo of the victim. She says the face looks familiar. Move back to the Gourd Lake Woods.

Gourd Lake Woods (2)

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Once you arrive, you'll face Lotta, who has the photo of the murder — two photos, in fact. She shows you one of them. Unfortunately, it's too foggy to tell who is shooting whom, not to mention a bit too far. Lotta then remembers that she actually witnessed the murder. She asks if she can tell the cops. Answer "I reckon so" (or "I reckon no" to get an angry reaction from her), then she'll leave… without telling you what she saw, as she says only the police have the right to hear it. She instead gives you the Lake Photo, which will be added to your Court Record. You finally have a witness. Move to the Gourd Lake Public Beach.

Public Beach (2)

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Once you arrive, you'll see Santa Claus (remember it's Christmas), who is actually your old friend Larry Butz. Butz has taken a part-time job to finance dates with his new girlfriend, Kiyance. Talk to Larry:

  • What happened: When you tell Larry about Edgeworth, he'll recall an unexpected relationship: he, Edgeworth, and Phoenix took grade school together.
  • Samurai Dogs: He'll say that the Samurai Dogs were actually Gourd Dogs, until Kiyance told him to change the name.
  • Edgeworth: Edgeworth studied to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was a defense attorney. But wait, isn't Edgeworth a prosecutor? Somehow he changed his mind and turned to the other side.
  • Gourdy: Everyone wants to see Gourdy, a sea monster which is believed to exist because of an article that says a couple saw it. It caught their attention with a loud bang. Loud? Sound familiar? The Gourdy Article will be added to your Court Record.

Move to the Wright & Co. Law Offices.

Wright & Co. Law Offices (2)

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Maya requests to see the Autopsy Report again. Then she remembers the face of the victim. He used to work with Mia at the Grossberg Law Offices. Move there.

Grossberg Law Offices

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Grossberg will show up here and greet you with his familiar throat clearing. Talk to Grossberg:

  • What happened: Grossberg tells you he hasn't heard of the murder.
  • That painting: Since the "Turnabout Sisters" case, he couldn't retrieve the painting from Mr. White because he was jailed for killing Mia Fey with "The Thinker" Statue.

Present him with your Autopsy Report. He recognizes the victim's face. His name was Robert Hammond. Talk to Grossberg once more:

  • Robert Hammond: Grossberg tells you that he was involved in the infamous "DL-6 Incident" as the defense attorney. As you may recall, the incident was when the police used a spirit medium to contact the victim to see who killed him. It didn't work, and she was considered a fraud by the nation.
  • The DL6 Incident: The name of the spirit medium used to contact the victim is Misty Fey. What does this have to do with Edgeworth? Everything!

It turns out that the victim of the case was in fact Edgeworth's father, Gregory Edgeworth. Grossberg tells you to talk to Miles himself about it if you want to know more. To make sure Edgeworth will talk, Grossberg will give you Misty Fey's Photo, which will be added to your Court Record.

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (2)

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It seems Edgeworth still has had no luck at finding a defense attorney. Present Misty Fey's Photo to him, and he'll talk. It turns out the reason he turned down your offer is that he didn't want you to know about the DL-6 Incident. Now he sees no reason to hide. Talk to Edgeworth:

  • The DL6 Incident: Edgeworth tells you that he witnessed his father's death. He had thought the incident would come to an end soon, as the 15-year statute of limitations is about to expire in three days, but now it's going to come back up in the current trial.
  • The suspect: He mentions that after the suspect was found innocent, he disappeared from public view, although he'd be about 50 years old now.
  • Your father: Edgeworth mentions that his father was quite famous at the time, but doesn't want to talk about following in his footsteps.

After talking, present the Lake Photo to him and he'll tell you that he didn't shoot Hammond. He asks if you will defend him. Choose "Of course we will". Phoenix wants to pay him back for something. Edgeworth gives you Edgeworth's Request and tells you to give it to Gumshoe. It will be added to your Court Record. A huge earthquake will hit before you leave. Edgeworth will go into the curl position after it happens. Now move to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

Note: You can choose "Of course we won't". As usual, your attempt at a joke failed leaving Miles and Maya not too impressed. Still, you agree to defend him in this important case.

Criminal Affairs (2)

[edit | edit source]

Detective Gumshoe will be mad that you have a witness. Talk to Gumshoe first for what's going to happen in court tomorrow:

  • Lotta's testimony: Thanks to you, she's going to court tomorrow but as an added bonus, one of the photos will be enlarged so you can see more clearly. The "other" witness has been cancelled for the time being.
  • Tomorrow's trial: Gumshoe fears it's a losing case with Lotta as a witness.
  • Edgeworth: Gumshoe still pressure's you to defend him against the charges.

Present Edgeworth's Request to Gumshoe, after which he'll go check on Edgeworth. Phoenix sees Edgeworth's fear of earthquakes as weird, as he didn't have it while he took classes with Phoenix. He wonders what happened to Edgeworth after he transferred. It doesn't matter since there's court tomorrow.