Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes/Day 1 - Investigation

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It has been two months since your last case. Maya is still away at training and you haven't been taking any of the cases you've been offered. You come to your office one day only to have a girl barge in looking for Mia Fey's help. At first, she thinks you are Mia Fey, then a coffee boy until she realizes who you are by your name.

The girl wants someone to defend her sister in a murder case. You refuse at first, but after hearing the girl's concern for her sister, he recalls Maya's sorrow after seeing her sister's dead body for the first time. He finally accepts. Happy to hear it, the girl introduces herself as Ema Skye, a scientific investigator.

Ema is quite a character. The common traits is simple really: She writes ridiculous notes on her notepad and likes to talk science once you get to a crime scene.

Wright & Co. Law Offices

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Talk to Ema:

  • Ema: She is a sixteen-year-old high school student — an eleventh-grader to be exact. Despite her young age, Ema is already ready to become a forensic scientist. She wants to use her skills to clear her sister's name.
  • The case: Ema "knows" her sister wouldn't stab someone in the back, so she decided to look for Mia to help her.
  • Sci. Investigator: Ema wants to use scientific investigation to clear her sister's name.
  • Relation to Mia: Ema knew about Mia, because she and her sister went to the same school, although they were in different grades at the time.

Ema loves her sister, although Lana has been acting kind of dark recently. Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center

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You'll hear a woman argue with a guard before sitting down facing away from you. It's Ema's sister, who didn't want Ema to visit her. She then faces you, apparently hearing about you from Mia. The woman introduces herself as Lana Skye, the Chief Prosecutor. Talk to Lana:

  • The case: She confesses to you that she is the murderer. She committed the crime at the Underground Parking Lot under the Prosecutor's Office at 5:15 PM, and a witness saw her with the body, which she put in her subordinate's car.
  • The victim: The victim was a detective at the Police Department, and the cause of death was loss of blood due to a single stab in the stomach. This means the police will be doing everything in their power to find her Guilty.
  • Lana: As Chief Prosecutor, Lana overlooks every case each prosecutor takes in the district. She puts her hand near her heart in shock of you not recognizing her. Ema then notices Lana's hand is bandaged up. Lana claims that she accidentally cut herself as she stabbed the victim.
  • Relation to Mia: Lana knew about Mia because Mia was intellectually attracted to her. Lana is extremely smart, so she helped Mia study to become a defense attorney in law school.

After the discussion, Lana decides that you have no chance of taking the case, but after being scolded by Ema for abandoning her own sister, she then decides to let you represent her. You automatically move to the Wright & Co. Law Offices.

Wright & Co. Law Offices (2)

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Ema apologizes to you about Lana. Lana hasn't always been so cold. In fact, she used to be a happy, smiling person that everyone got along with. You then decide to go to the Underground Parking Lot at the Prosecutor's Office. Move there.

Prosecutor's Office Underground Parking Lot

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You see the police still investigating there, then you meet a man with sheriff garments on, whom Ema recognizes. The sheriff warns you not to mess with their "gold strike", then leaves. Ema tells you that the man is actually a detective. Pan to the right, and examine the car, but the sheriff catches you. Ema wants to know to whom the car belongs. The sheriff then gives you the address for the "Prospector's Office 1202" (he means High Prosecutor's Office). The sheriff once again tells you not to touch the car.

You automatically pan left. Examine an object just below and left of the door. It's a wallet. Phoenix wants to give it to the police, but Ema wants to keep it, as she wants to show you a new scientific way of examining objects.

Checking objects:

Open a file in your Court Record, then choose "Check", and you should see a 3D rendering of the object, with three panels on the left, bottom, and right of the screen. The left allows you to zoom in and out on the objects if you have to look closer, the bottom and right ones rotate the object left and right, and up and down, respectively. If you see something interesting, examine it, like usual.

WiiWare Note: If this is your first time, here is the button layout: the Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons are for zooming in and out, the D-Pad for moving the cursor while the Wii Remote is down flat and to move the object around, hold the Wii Remote up (face buttons facing you) while you move the D-Pad. Thankfully, it's not too hard to figure this out. If you found something, examine it by pressing the A button.

Rotate the wallet so the golden seal is facing up and the end it's on is toward you. When you click the golden seal of the wallet, Ema will say you should examine it, and the "Examine" button will appear. Examine it and the wallet will open and you should see an ID card in it. Detective Bruce Goodman, I.D. #5842189. Goodman's ID will be added to the Court Record.

If you are playing the HD iOS port, open the Court Record and examine the back of your badge using the 3D object examination mechanics to get the The Back of My Badge achievement.

You then meet a young woman who is there selling lunches. The woman tells you that she is connected to the case, and so she must be the witness Lana mentioned. She says she saw the stabbing with her own two eyes and introduces herself as Angel Starr, the "Cough-up Queen". Talk to Angel:

  • The case: She has a very low opinion of prosecutors, considering them to be evil persecutors of the innocent. Yesterday, the day of the murder, they held a ceremony to give out the "King of Prosecutors" trophy. It turns out the car where the body was found belongs to the prosecutor that won the award.
  • What you witnessed: She witnessed Lana stab the victim with her knife, and she knows Lana by name. She also refers to the "rhythmic" stabbing, implying she stabbed more than once. How did she know Lana? Didn't Lana say the victim died of a single stab wound?
  • Angel: She is a lunch lady who comes everyday to the Prosecutor's Office to sell lunches from the Far East and visit her boyfriend, who works in the Security Room.
  • Prosecutor's Office: Angel reiterates her disgust of prosecutors, and Phoenix wonders if she's really just a lunch lady.

If you're playing the HD iOS port, examine the stepladder for one of the five stepladder arguments.

Move to the High Prosecutor's Office.

High Prosecutor's Office Room 1202

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Here, you come across a trophy by the couch. You then hear a familiar voice. It's Edgeworth! Ema flips out upon seeing him. Her sister once introduced Edgeworth to her. Once you tell him about the case, Edgeworth tells you the car the body was hidden in was actually his! Talk to Edgeworth:

  • The case: Not only did he discover his car was the crime scene, but he also has to prove his superior's guilt. Remember Lana is the Chief Prosecutor.
  • Edgeworth: Edgeworth is having a hard time dealing with all the rumors around that he forges evidence and wins his cases with illegal methods. He considers the trophy to be a joke award, meant to humiliate him.
  • Lana Skye: He met Lana two years ago on a case and she took him under her wing. He's disappointed that it appears she now would try and frame him for murder, even going so far as to use his knife in the stabbing. Edgeworth's Knife is added to the Court Record.

Examine the trophy on the couch on the left side of the screen. Edgeworth reluctantly tells you it's the "King of Prosecutors" trophy, a broken shield with a large "K" on it, which will be added to your Court Record. Present it to Edgeworth. He had to skip work that day to go to a ceremony at the Police Station downtown.

Talk to Edgeworth again:

  • The day of the crime: He says every year, his office is cleaned up and evidence sorted and put away in what's called "evidence transferal". A ceremony is then held at the Police Department to award outstanding policemen and prosecutors.

Edgeworth got back to his office at 5:12 PM, and to prove it he shows you his Parking Stub, which will be added to your Court Record. The murder happened right after he got back to the Prosecutor's Office!

Suddenly, a police officer barges in saying he has information on a case. However, Edgeworth lost his cool and has the officer, Mike Meekins, leave. Unfortunately, this scenario can prove consequential in the upcoming trial with the police chief. Really take note of this to learn about evidence in a courtroom.

Edgeworth then tells you to go to the Police Department, where Meekins works. Move to the Police Dept. Entrance, accessible from the Underground Parking Lot.

Police Department Entrance

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Ema will note that it took 30 minutes to get from the Prosecutor's Office to the Police Department, with very little traffic. Here, you'll see a dancing machine called the Blue Badger. You then see someone dancing with it. It's Gumshoe! Talk to Gumshoe:

  • The case: He tells you not to take Lana's case. She claims to have summoned the detective to the Prosecutor's Office and killed him when he got there.
  • The investigation: Gumshoe was kicked out of the Criminal Affairs building, where only the highest-ranking people are being let in.

The Chief of Police himself is leading the investigation and assigned Officer Marshall to the Underground Parking Lot. This is odd, because patrolmen like Marshall aren't usually in charge of crime scenes.

Examine The Blue Badger. Gumshoe says that the Chief designed it and Gumshoe built it himself. It's battery powered, and there's no switch, so it dances until the batteries die out. The Blue Badger Panel will be added to the Court Record. Present Goodman's ID to Gumshoe. Apparently, Gumshoe drops his ID card a lot. Gumshoe then realizes that Goodman is in fact the victim in the case! Talk to Gumshoe again:

  • Bruce Goodman: Goodman was a detective, just like Gumshoe. Lana must have called Goodman to her office.

Present the Prosecutor Trophy to Gumshoe. Gumshoe was very proud of Edgeworth when he received it. Present Edgeworth's Knife or the Parking Stub. Gumshoe wonders why someone would use Edgeworth's knife as a weapon and hide the body in his car? Did he or she hold a grudge against him?

  • Rumors at law: Gumshoe tells you that while there have been rumors about Edgeworth's underhanded dealings, since the last case where he was accused of murder, it's gotten even worse. In the Trilogy version, the topic is replaced as Edgeworth's troubles.

Now there are rumors Edgeworth is only taking this case to get the Chief Prosecutor position. After discussing this, Gumshoe mentions that officer Jake Marshall has been appointed by the Chief of Police to investigate. Gumshoe gives you a Letter of Introduction for you to get permission to access to the crime scene. It will be added to your Court Record.

If Gumshoe doesn't give you the Letter of Introduction, you must first examine the Blue Badger in the background. It will be added to the Court Record.

Move to the Underground Parking Lot.

Prosecutor's Office Underground Parking Lot (2)

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You'll see Angel, who apparently has another boyfriend in Criminal Affairs, leaving the place, and then you'll see Marshall. Present the Letter of Introduction to him. Marshall then lets you in. The Letter of Introduction will be removed from the Court Record. Talk to Marshall:

  • The victim: He tells you that Goodman, the victim, was stabbed according to the Autopsy Report, which will be added to the Court Record.

Marshall then tells you something surprising: Goodman and Lana barely knew each other. He tells you that the only time they met was a case they worked on together two years ago. It doesn't seem like there's a motive there.

  • Marshall: Marshall is actually a patrolman, not a detective. He used to be a detective until two years ago. Why is Marshall watching over the investigation, and not Gumshoe?

Marshall tells you that Gumshoe being kicked out of the Department was ordered by the Chief of Police, because Gumshoe loved working with Edgeworth.

After the discussion, pan to the right, and examine an object lying just left of Edgeworth's car. It looks like someone's cell phone. You have a choice whether to check it out or not. Say "Check it out", and you automatically start checking it.

Examine the blue button on one of the phone's sides. You'll open the cellphone. There is a blue redial button in there. Examine that one, and then a phone will start sounding the Steel Samurai ringtone. Sound familiar? Marshall then comes over wondering what's going on. He tells you that the phone belongs to Lana Skye herself, and that she was apparently calling someone as the murder occurred. However, it is not known who she called. You tell Marshall that it was his own phone ringing from someone calling the wrong number. The Cell Phone will be added to the Court Record.

Examine the open trunk of Edgeworth's car. You'll discover a note saying "6-7S 12/2" on stationery with Goodman's name on it. Goodman's Note will be added into the Court Record. Talk to Marshall again:

  • Lana Skye: He tells you that Edgeworth is the "prospector" (prosecutor) for this case. Ema is upset that Marshall doesn't seem to care about her sister since they seem to have some sort of relationship.
  • Office atmosphere: Edgeworth was an unbeatable attorney until he met you. For two years, Edgeworth faced rumors that he forged evidence to keep his perfect winning streak. Lana helped protect Edgeworth from the rumors.

She may be hiding something. Ema says you have enough clues for today. Phoenix then tells Ema that it wasn't his phone that rang earlier, but hers. Ema confesses that it was her Lana called, but her sister almost immediately hung up.

Looks like you're done for today, but this will be a tough one since your client is working against you.