Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes/Day 2 - Trial Latter

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At the Defendant's Lobby, you'll have a visitor: Jake Marshall. You learn from him that Lana was indeed wearing a red muffler (scarf) that day.

In the courtroom

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The judge resumes the case. You see Edgeworth looking somewhat shocked and very angry, saying "It can't be…". You then see someone you haven't met take the stand. After some chatter, the person is revealed to be the district Chief of Police, Damon Gant. Well, he likes to pause for a few seconds. He's brought Lana's red muffler to court, and Gant says it was found in "Worthy's" (Edgeworth's) car muffler.

Gant also shows you a switchblade knife. Edgeworth scolds Gant because his department hadn't found this evidence yet, but Gant reminds Edgeworth that as the lead prosecutor in the case, he is responsible for the investigation. The judge accepts the knife into evidence, but wants you to open it for him first.

Examine the switch (near the gold-capped end), and the blade will open. You'll find something shocking: the tip of the blade is broken and it looks like there's blood on the edge. The Switchblade Knife will be added to the Court Record. If you examine the tag on the Switchblade Knife, you'll find that it bears the letters "SL-9." Could this be another case file code, like DL-6? At Edgeworth's request, the judge has Gant testify about the rift between the Police Department and the Prosecutor's Office, as well as about the Switchblade Knife.

Gant's Testimony: Department in Disorder

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Gant's Testimony
- Department in Disorder -

  1. This knife is special… but I can't say how here.
  2. Unless there's evidence to prove a connection between this knife and Goodman…
  3. That was a bad day for the Department. We weren't in any shape to do an investigation.
  4. A detective was killed at the Police Department, see… what a mess!
  5. The time of the crime? 5:15. Scary coincidence, eh?
  6. It's not officially linked to this here case, so I can't talk much about it.

Scary coincidence indeed: Gant is saying another detective was killed at 5:15 PM — exactly the same time when Goodman was killed, but this time at the Police Department!

Department in Disorder: Cross-examination

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If you look through the Court Record, you'll see a note found with the victim that says "6-7S" on it. However, if you read it upside-down, you'll find it says "SL-9" — the same as the tag on the Switchblade Knife. This is the connection between the knife and Goodman! Present Goodman's Note on Gant's second statement. Goodman's Note will be updated (turned upside down) in the Court Record. Gant adds this to his testimony.

  • This knife was evidence in a case. It was stolen from the Department's evidence room.

If you press on that statement, (this is not required), you'll find out the knife was stolen on the day of the murder, and happens to be the murder weapon from a case long-solved. Press Gant's fourth statement (3rd statement on the Switch, PS4 and Xbox Trilogy). Who killed the detective at the Police Department? Gant says they arrested the suspect just now. Gant allows you to ask another question. You have a choice, so pick "Where the victim was found". Gant can't say, but he does tell you the murder took place in the Evidence Room. That's where he said the broken knife was stolen from!

Press Gant's fifth statement (6th on the Switch Trilogy). It's already proven that the two cases are indeed connected, but now they're also connected by the Evidence Room. Gant decides he'll give some more information, unofficially.

  • I'll cooperate, but I can't reveal the name of the victim in the Department, okay?

Press on that statement. Gant decides you can ask him a question for a hint. Ask about "The victim's ID number". Gant reveals the ID number, #5842189. Is this familiar to you? You have a choice, choose "This tells me something!". Present Goodman's ID, but look at the description first — it says the number is #5842189! If that's true, then Goodman himself might have been killed at the Police Department — but Angel saw Lana stab him at the Prosecutor's Office!

Does this mean that Goodman was killed at two different places at the same time? Edgeworth asks Gant why he didn't know this already. Gant tells him he should already know this information, since they sent someone over with the report yesterday. That was officer Meekins, who was kicked out by Edgeworth while you were over there yesterday.

Gant tells Edgeworth that it's his fault for not knowing the connection in the first place, and making "Wrighto" (Phoenix) prove it. As demonstrated, rule 2 is that unregistered evidence must be relevant to the case of trial. Edgeworth apologizes for the confusion and asks for one more day of investigation. The judge permits this and adjourns court for the day.