Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes/Day 3 - Investigation

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Back at Wright & Co. Law Offices, Ema apologizes for what Lana said, and reveals that the night Marshall's brother was murdered, Joe Darke tried to kill her. Neil Marshall tried to save her, but lost the battle to the death, and so Ema became a witness in the case.

Wright & Co. Law Offices

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Talk to Ema:

  • SL9 Incident: She was at her sister's office, waiting for Lana to finish work so they could go eat dinner. Suddenly, Darke barged in and tried to take her hostage. Neil came in and fought Darke. The lights went out due to a thunderstorm, and when the lightning flashed the picture of a man raising a knife up to stab the other was burned into her memory.
  • After the incident: She didn't remember the moment that Darke stabbed Prosecutor Marshall, so they didn't ask her about it — only about when she was attacked. That must be why her sister had to make up evidence to get a conviction. Ema says that even though he used it to get the Guilty verdict, Edgeworth didn't know the evidence was fabricated. Even so, the rumors about him still started that day.
  • Permanent picture: Ema says in that instant during the lightning she saw that Darke had knocked Neil down and was about to stab him. She doesn't remember what happened next as she passed out, later to awake in her sister's arms. She couldn't bring herself to testify about the incident, but managed to draw a picture.
  • Something puzzling: Why did Darke run all the way to Lana's office from the Police Department? It turns out that at the time, Lana was a detective! After the Darke case, she was transferred to the Prosecutor's Office and became the Chief Prosecutor.

Lana was a detective? Move to the Detention Center to talk to her.

Detention Center Visitor's Room

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Talk to Lana:

  • Today's trial: Lana still won't talk about Goodman's murder; she says she isn't the only one involved.
  • Detective Lana Skye: Lana and Gant were brilliant detectives back then. Lana became a detective to gain experience investigating crime scenes so that she would make an effective attorney. After being promoted to Chief of Police for wrapping up the SL-9 case, Gant transferred her to the Prosecutor's Office so that she could follow her dream.
  • Darke investigation: She and Damon Gant shared the same occupation and office. They both led a team of detectives, two of which were Marshall and Starr, the other being Goodman. Jake worked with his brother for the first time. They brought Darke in for questioning, and that was when he escaped and tried to kill Ema.
  • First one at scene: Lana was the first person to the crime scene, where she found three bodies on the floor: Neil's body, and the unconscious forms of Ema and Joe Darke. Apparently, Neil had been able to strike a final blow, knocking out his killer. Lana panicked and took her sister out of the office to wake her up, after which she immediately placed Joe Darke back under arrest.

Phoenix doesn't believe it — that all the people involved in the current trial were also involved in SL-9 seems a little too convenient. Although the case was supposedly solved two years ago, there are still people like Jake Marshall that aren't satisfied either. Since Neil's murder took place there, you should probably go check the Chief's Office for more information.

Move to the Police Department Entrance.

Police Department Entrance

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You'll find Marshall. He'll tell you that the "Evidence Room" (where you and Ema did the scientific investigation) is no longer accessible due to the trial yesterday. Also, he'll turn himself in after going to the Chief Prosecutor's Office. Talk to him:

  • Darke trial: All the detectives on the case thought something was fishy. Though the Switchblade Knife was Joe Darke's, it didn't match the wound on the victim. However, in the final report, the possibility that it wasn't the murder weapon had been erased.
  • Prosecutor Marshall: Neil had been awarded the highest honor that day — the same Prosecutor Trophy that Edgeworth just won. That means the day of the murder was also the day of the evidence transferrals two years ago.
  • Scars: All the detectives were taken care of in some way by Damon Gant and Lana Skye: Starr was fired and Marshall was demoted. Goodman was safe because if they got rid of him too, the commissioners might have become suspicious.
  • Gant & Skye: When Gant became Chief of Police, he promoted Lana to Chief Prosecutor. Since she moved to the Prosecutor's Office, Lana started acting completely different. Marshall doesn't know the reason, as Lana keeps her secret too well hidden.

Marshall is done with his story and tells you that although Edgeworth presented the evidence, it was Damon Gant who falsified it and planned the whole thing. When he leaves, move to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

Police Department Criminal Affairs

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Not much is happening and Gumshoe isn't here, but the Chief Detective tells you everyone is in the conference room trying to deal with all the chaos of the last few days. You'll also learn where Gant's Office is. Move to the Chief's Office.

Police Department Chief's Office

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Ema and you came in to see a huge church organ. After Ema plays a note, Gant shows up. He'll put a piece of paper in his desk after he sees you and her. Gant shows you a picture hanging on his wall. It's Lana, Neil, and Gant.

Something is weird in the picture, but you can't put your finger on it. The Gant Team Picture will be added to the Court Record. Gant then decides to lock up the room, and takes you with him, depositing you at the Police Dept. Entrance. Is he kicking you out? Against your request to investigate? He must be hiding something. Move to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

Criminal Affairs Department (2)

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You meet Gumshoe, who was serving coffee in the meeting, saying that Edgeworth is now "under fire" since the rumors were true. Talk to Gumshoe.

  • Edgeworth's crisis: Things haven't been going well for Edgeworth since the rumors were proven true. Lana is the guilty party, but Edgeworth is the one responsible. Gumshoe is very worried about him.
  • SL9 Incident: Gumshoe was reading the SL-9 file and may have come up with something involving the murder weapon

Maybe you should jog his memory. Present the Switchblade Knife, then go back to talking to him to get some answers.

  • Murder weapon: The weapon was owned by Darke. The tip that was broken off was, in fact, found in Neil's body. You will receive Neil's Autopsy Report, and the Switchblade Knife will be updated in the Court Record.
  • Darke's crimes: Darke was actually just an average businessman. Until one day, when he accidentally hit someone with his car. Desperate, he killed a man who witnessed it, killed a lady who witnessed that crime, killed a child who witnessed that crime and killed a jogger who saw him bury the bodies. He finally gave himself up afterward.

Gumshoe admits that the whole scenario was conjecture, since they never found a shred of evidence. There was a good chance he would've gotten away with it, except for the incident at the Chief's Office, where he left a witness (Ema) to the murder of Neil Marshall.

You ask Gumshoe to let you into the Chief's Office, but he can't, as letting a civilian in there would result in him losing his job. Although any detective's ID card can get you into the office, the data on Goodman's ID was deleted the day he died. So you need to find something to get Gumshoe to help you. Move to the Underground Parking Lot.

Prosecutor's Office Underground Parking Lot

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Everyone seems to be investigating the other crime scene. You've proven that there wasn't a murder there, but you've also made Lana seem even more guilty. Move to the High Prosecutor's Office.

High Prosecutor's Office Room 1202

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You'll see Edgeworth, who throws whatever he was writing down on the ground upon seeing you come in. Talk to Edgeworth:

  • Forged evidence: Edgeworth blames himself for the forged evidence. Even though someone else in the department gave him the false evidence without his knowledge; as head prosecutor he is still responsible. The prosecutors and detectives share the same bond. If broken, everything would fall apart.
  • Tomorrow's trial: Now that the SL-9 Incident is coming back up, Edgeworth is worried because the evidence list for the case is only half as long as it should be.
  • The day of the crime: Edgeworth had finished his work at the office for the day, but Gant requested he take evidence from another case (the Screwdriver) back to the Prosecutor's Office.

Present Edgeworth with the Gant Team Picture. Ema notices that Neil's trophy is different than Edgeworth's.

  • Prosecutor trophy: Edgeworth then tells you the story behind the trophy. It comes from an ancient Chinese tale about the word "contradiction". In Chinese, the word is made up of two characters, the first meaning halberd and the second meaning shield.

An arms merchant presented the emperor a halberd that could penetrate any shield or armor, and a shield that could withstand any weapon. The emperor then spotted what would be called a contradiction, and the Chinese word for contradiction was born. Hence the broken knife and chipped shield in the Prosecutor Trophy symbolize the merchant's items.

But there is only a shield on Edgeworth's trophy. The halberd part was abolished two years ago by Damon Gant, who Edgeworth says you should talk to about it. The Prosecutor Trophy will be updated in the Court Record.

Examine the piece of paper under Edgeworth's desk. It's a letter of… resignation? Edgeworth feels as if something has died inside him. He can't forgive himself for the path on which he walked. The Letter of Resignation will be put in Phoenix's pocket.

Move to the Underground Parking Lot.

Prosecutor's Office Underground Parking Lot (2)

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You'll meet Angel who is still harping on witnessing Lana stabbing Goodman, still believing that what she saw was true. Talk to Angel:

  • Darke investigation: They trailed Darke for a very long time, until the night Neil was killed. Everyone was very appalled by this, especially Jake, who was haunted by his brother's death, which in turn affected Lana.
  • After case closed: All detectives, except for Goodman, were relieved of their duties, without an explanation. Then Lana became Chief Prosecutor, although Angel says that Lana was merely a pawn.
  • Legendary duo: Gant was very famous back then, because he could produce evidence under any circumstances, so he had rumors around him too.

Everyone liked Lana and wanted to be like her because she hated anything crooked and watched out for the other detectives. She felt especially bad for Jake and when his brother was killed she felt like she'd lost a brother herself. If it wasn't for her, Jake might not have gotten over the shock of the murder. But something happened in that incident that made her change and became so cold.

  • Being "used": Angel suspects that Lana was only given the Chief Prosecutor position so that Gant could gain control of her office. Angel doesn't know how Gant is controlling her, but it must have been something that happened two years ago that causes her demeanor to change.

Finally, you are getting closer to the bottom of this. Move to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

Police Department Criminal Affairs (3)

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You'll meet Gumshoe, who still refuses to let you into the office. You need something to change his mind. You catch him making brewing coffee and copying 150 files for the chief, turning him into a desk jockey!

Present Edgeworth's Letter of Resignation to Gumshoe, who'll be shocked at seeing this. Edgeworth trusted detectives to give him sound evidence, but was betrayed. Gumshoe feels very sorry and would do anything for Edgeworth now. He then makes up his mind and gives you his ID card. Gumshoe's ID will be added to the Court Record. The Letter of Resignation will be taken off the Court Record at the same time.

Move to the Chief's Office.

Police Department Chief's Office (2)

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You arrive at the Office… followed by Gumshoe, who was worried something might go wrong. Like yesterday in the "Evidence Room", Ema mistakes Gumshoe as a ghost and slaps him again! Why did he give you his ID card anyway? Gumshoe's ID will be removed from the Court Record. Actually, you crushed it and put it in your pocket. Gumshoe blames you for ruining his ID card! Talk to Gumshoe:

  • The Chief's office: The left side of the room was Lana's, and that's where Ema was waiting for her that night. Both Lana and Gant used to work together in this room. Now it's all Gant's, and he hasn't let anyone touch Lana's side in two years.
  • Chief Gant: Something had been bothering Gumshoe since you wanted to look around his office for the SL-9 Incident. Could Gant be a suspect for that case? You can't say anything about him… yet.

Examine the safe behind Gant's desk on the right side of the room. It looks like you need a code to open it. You have a choice, choose "Input number". At the bottom of the screen, you'll find a keypad like you would find on a phone. Tap the numbers "7777777" and the safe will open.

Note: Don't waste your time guessing what number will open the safe. Check the ID Card Record to find which number would open it.

Wii Remote Controls for WiiWare version: Select number with D-Pad. Confirm number with the A button. Press the B button to go back one digit.

7777777? That's the ID number of the executive that entered the Evidence Room on the day of the crime! It must be Gant's number! No time for chat though, examine the safe again and you'll find a broken piece of jar, and a piece of leather cloth with a handprint on it. Gumshoe wants to know if there is a connection between the two pieces and the case before he'll let you take them.

Start with the shard. Present the Unstable Jar to Gumshoe. Remember yesterday, you found pieces like this and put it together. Gumshoe then notices the possible connection. You have a choice, choose "Assemble fragments", and you'll put the final piece in there.

It fits! Gant was obviously hiding the fragment in there. He was hiding valuable evidence in there! But why? Gumshoe then points out something. There's blood on it! Could this be part of the reason? The Unstable Jar is updated in the Court Record.

Now for the cloth. Present the Fingerprinting Set. You choose a finger you want to test: the middle fingerprint in this instance. Once you start, sprinkle all around the touch screen and blow. After the fingerprint is clear, you get to choose its owner. It's Ema Skye's! This seems to be a very grim piece of evidence, but you can't tell Ema about this for now. The Strip of Cloth will be added to the Court Record.

In case you forget the controls on the WiiWare version, sprinkle powder all over the screen by pressing A. Then shake the Wii Remote to blow the powder out. You've done it before in the "Evidence Room". So it should be easy.

Examine Gant's desk. The first time you came in here, he hid something he was reading from you. It's an evidence list saying, "SL-9 Incident!". Remember, Edgeworth said his evidence list for SL-9 is twice as short as an average one. This must be the other half of the list; it was ripped in half! The Evidence List will be added to the Court Record. If you check the Evidence List and rotate it to show the back, you can examine it to find a crude drawing of what looks like a figure about to stab another person. Didn't Ema say she drew what happened that night? At any rate, it's best not to disturb her, so you keep it to yourself.

Gant is obviously hiding something! Speaking of Gant, uh-oh! He somehow sneaked in to see you three in his room. He has you and Gumshoe leave, but wants Ema to stay for questioning. Also, Gumshoe has to leave his id card behind.

You and Gumshoe would be at the Police Department Entrance. Gumshoe blames you for taking this risk. So Gumshoe goes back in to try and smooth things over with the chief.

You automatically go to the Detention Center.

Detention Center Visitor's Room (2)

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What Lana has told you over the past few days is nothing useful. Talk to Lana:

  • Keeping quiet: She said that she stabbed Goodman, but there is no supporting evidence. She could be doing it for someone else — somebody she is afraid of. Lana asks you who that person is, so present Damon Gant's profile when prompted.
  • Damon Gant: Lana wasn't the only one who could have forged evidence. Before Lana will let you accuse Gant, however, she wants to see some proof that he falsified evidence.

Present to her the Evidence List or the Unstable Jar. Lana finally gives in, and tells you that she does follow Gant's orders and three days ago she got orders concerning Detective Goodman.

  • "Orders": She had orders from Gant to dispose of Goodman's body, which he said was in the trunk of Edgeworth's car.

If that is true, then Lana wasn't the one who killed Goodman! When Lana opened Edgeworth's trunk, she found Darke's knife plunged inside him, so she took the knife out, and plunged Edgeworth's Knife inside instead. That's when Angel saw her. Why did she have to hide the Switchblade Knife so badly?

  • Darke's Knife: Lana didn't want the SL-9 Incident opened up again, so after she stabbed Goodman's body, she called her sister to tell her to hide the knife for her.

When she got the orders from Gant, the first thing Lana did was call Marshall, thinking she could trust him to help her hide the body. He had plans of his own to keep the case from dying, and after Lana's phone call, he resolved to use the stolen ID card to get the evidence from the Evidence Room.

Lana is finished talking with you, and doesn't want you to pursue this further in court. It looks like you're done for today. Tomorrow you'll have to prove the mystery behind Goodman's murder, the SL-9 Incident, and Lana's secret.