Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 3: Turnabout Samurai/Day 3 - Investigation

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At the office, Mia's spirit leaves Maya, who asks what happened. You tell her that he needs a motive for why Jack would drug Will Powers, steal his Steel Samurai costume and why he was killed. Talk to Maya about what happened while she was absent, then move to the Detention Center.

It's also perhaps a good chance to learn about this court system. This system would allow you, to have up to three days under this game's "Initial trial". You tell Maya that about three years ago, the judicial system has so many cases that they decided to speed up the process. That also means stepping up investigations and finding clues before each court case trial.

So unlike real life, cases will wrap up more frequently then say an average of a week to a month, depending on the circumstances of the investigation. In this case, the more important the trial goes, the more the judge will allow you to investigate but up to the limit of three days before the trial starts.

Detention Center

[edit | edit source]

Will thanks you for doing so well. Talk to him:

  • Producer Vasquez: Will reveals that Dee Vasquez saved Global Studios from dire straits five years ago, when she came on board.
  • Director Manella: Vasquez liked Manella's vision, and brought The Steel Samurai to him. Now he's famous for it and will do whatever Vasquez wants.
  • Mr. Hammer: You'll find that Hammer used to be a big star, until five years ago — the same time Vasquez started at Global Studios.

Move to the Studio — Main Gate.

Main Gate

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Oldbag seems very quiet. Maya suspects she let her guard down, but she still won't let you near those donuts. Talk to her:

Producer Vasquez: Everyone loves her but she was told not to reveal more about her.

Director Manella: He was "treated like dirt" by Vasquez, and he seemed to enjoy it.

Mr. Hammer: She gets fired up and blames you for portraying her favorite star in a dark light in court yesterday.

Move to the Employee Area.

Employee Area

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Maya wonders if there are any more clues, since you found the bottle here. However, Gumshoe will stop you before you start searching. It turns out he's looking at the plate for traces of the pills. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • The plate: It seems that there is a solution to test for traces of the sleeping pills. Gumshoe's test shows that the pills left traces on the plate by changing its color. Looks quite helpful, so the Steak Plate will be added to your Court Record.
  • The investigation: It turns out his investigation isn't going well.
  • Prosecutor Edgeworth: Edgeworth is very angry about today's trial. He also tells you that they found Jack's fingerprints on the bottle, meaning that the one who drugged Will was the victim! The Sleeping Pill Bottle will be added to your Court Record once more.

Move to the Dressing Room.

Dressing Room

[edit | edit source]

When you enter, you'll face Penny, who is cleaning up the room since Will Powers won't be needing it anymore, as this week's episode of The Steel Samurai, much to Maya's shock, will be the last. Talk to Penny:

  • Mr. Hammer: It turns out that she didn't know that Studio Two was the crime scene, rather than Studio One. It seems rumor has it that Vasquez held some "dirt" on Hammer, concerning an accident during shooting at Studio Two five years ago.
  • The last episode: Penny says that Global Studios isn't producing kids' shows anymore.
  • Studio policy: The studio is canceling The Steel Samurai, so that everyone will forget about the crime. Maya objects to this, saying that lots of kids will be heartbroken.

Present the Path to Glory to Penny for proof. Penny will change her mind, but doesn't know what to do about the incident five years ago.

  • Five years ago: It turns out that Hammer "accidentally" killed someone. Vasquez kept it quiet, which is the dirt she held on Hammer. Penny claims Ms. Oldbag knows more about this. Move to the Studio — Main Gate to talk to her.

Note: There is an issue where Penny will not show up in the dressing room. Simply, you have to go through all available dialogues mentioned above prior to moving into this place with exception to talking to Maya in your office. If you got here early, it's just a conversation between you and Maya.

Main Gate (2)

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Talk to Oldbag again:

  • Five years ago: She'll be angry at Penny for telling you and Maya reveals that Nichols is Penny's last name. She also wants proof that Jack Hammer stole the Steel Samurai costume.

Choose "I have proof", then present to her the Steak Plate. She'll believe Will Powers put it there himself. Prove her wrong by presenting the Sleeping Pill Bottle. After seeing the fingerprints, she'll finally confess about the accident. Alternatively, you can show Sleeping Pill Bottle first, follow by Steak Plate to get the same result. She'll calm down and says that she's tired of holding it all in.

When Hammer killed a man, a paparazzi took the picture and tried to send it to the press. However, Vasquez, who is revealed to have ties to the Mafia, was able to silence him. Since then, no one at the studios dares to defy her. Ms. Oldbag will give you the paparazzi's photo of the incident, showing that Hammer pushed the other actor onto the fence of a flowerbed while fighting on the stairs at Studio Two. The actor was punctured by the metal pointed fence and died. The Five-Year-Old Photo will be added to your Court Record.

Move to Outside Studio Two. Along the way, Maya wonders: if Hammer put Will to sleep and stole his costume, then why did he go to Studio Two? And who called him? The producer, or the director?

Studio Two Entrance

[edit | edit source]

Once you're here, you'll see Vasquez. Talk to her if you want, but all she cares about is the clouds in the sky. Present to her the Five-Year-Old Photo. She used the photo to control Hammer. She wants to discuss it inside the Trailer, so move there.

Studio Two Trailer

[edit | edit source]

Inside, Vasquez opens up about the incident five years ago. It seems she used the photo to blackmail Hammer, and forced him to do her bidding in return for her silence about the "accident". Vasquez will reveal to you a little surprise: Hammer didn't kill the other actor by accident, rather he did it on purpose! Vasquez then says that there's no way she could have blackmailed Hammer if he hadn't done it on purpose. Oldbag said it was an accident, because she was a big fan, as she claimed a few days ago.

Oldbag ended up with the photo by assaulting the reporter who brought it into the studios. It now remains the only copy in existence, and Vasquez wants the photo. However, Phoenix refuses to give it to her, so she calls her boys to "erase" them, so they won't go to court with this new information. Don't worry though, as Gumshoe will save you at the last moment. Hearing every word, he arrests Vasquez, who says the contest will be decided tomorrow at trial. It looks like you'll get the final chance to cross examine her the next day in court.