Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes/Day 2 - Investigation

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Ema is confused so you tell her the situation in which detective Goodman has been killed in both the Underground Parking Lot and the Police Station Evidence Room. So you and Ema agree to go to the Underground Parking Lot to re-examine the crime scene, scientifically. You automatically go to the next area.

Prosecutor's Office Underground Parking Lot

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After recalling the oil drum, Ema introduces you to Luminol testing fluid. It's a substance that can trace blood that has been washed away. However, you can only see it with Ema's glasses. She wants you to test it out.

Finding blood traces

Highlight the Luminol testing fluid and spray it. Once the bottom screen turns red (or once you're viewing from Ema's glasses), spray anywhere on the screen until you see something turn blue. That blue glow is a blood trace. Once exposed, the screen will focus on it.

WiiWare Note: The controls here are simpler to use to spray important objects. All you have to do is point the Wii Remote} and check the object cursor is on the screen. Make sure the sensor bar can sense the Wii Remote without any trouble. Find a spot spray with the A button about a few times until it appears. Press the A button again to confirm it.

Spray a few times on the ground just left of the car, and you'll see a bloodstain. Ema notices something strange about it. Say it's "The amount of blood". If Lana and Goodman were fighting, wouldn't there be more blood on the ground? Looks like a clue. Ema will mark the blood stain on the floor plan. The Luminol Testing Fluid is added to the Court Record. It could be a useful tool for this case, but before you can continue, you face Angel, who just now heard everything. Talk to Angel:

  • Today's trial: Angel confesses that she lied to make her story more convincing, but she still swears that she saw Lana stab Goodman.
  • Detective Starr: Angel was once a detective who had every criminal "cough it up" (confess), and was since then was known as the Cough-up Queen. But two years ago Angel was fired, because of a case known as the "SL-9 Incident".

SL-9? Present Goodman's Note or the Switchblade Knife. Angel reveals that Goodman was the head detective on the SL-9 case. She tells you that the Switchblade Knife that says SL-9 on it was due for transferral the very day Goodman died. She somehow knew that the case wasn't over. Present Goodman's ID. Angel, until two years ago, had one of those. She doesn't believe that Goodman was also killed at the Evidence Room. Present the Crime Photo. Angel regrets getting flustered and waiting until she got down to the crime scene to snap the photo. She lied about the time it took her because she'd had her testimony disregarded before. Talk to her again:

  • SL9 Incident: Angel was involved in a large case. The investigators were very desperate for decisive evidence, but in the end, they solved the case cleanly.

The criminal was caught and was executed. However, they didn't find any decisive evidence, but instead, her higher-ups fabricated their own. Several months afterward, some investigators were demoted to patrolmen, while others were fired. Angel was one of the fired ones, and Jake Marshall was one of the demoted ones.

  • Detective Marshall: She and Detective Marshall weren't satisfied with how the SL-9 case ended and are still secretly investigating it to this day.

It turns out that the real reason Angel sells lunches, is to give her access to the Prosecutor's Office and the Police Department, where her "boyfriends" can help her investigate. Because you seem to be serious about investigating SL-9, she gives you a Steak Lunch to give to someone that might help you. It will be added to the Court Record.

Ema mentions that when Jake Marshall was still a detective, he was very nice to Lana. But since then, he's been very cold to her. You should take the Lunch to Marshall. Move to the Police Dept. Entrance, then to the Guard Station.

Evidence Room Entrance Guard Station

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You'll see a wild west themed room, and the entrance to the Evidence Room. Examine the door. It's locked; you probably need someone's permission first. Move back to the Police Dept. Entrance.

While you are here, you can spray luminol on the top of the tall cactus to reveal a bloodstain. Doing this in the HD iOS port unlocks the On Billy's Head!? achievement.

Police Department Entrance

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Here you'll meet Gumshoe, who tells you that you should talk to the suspect in the Evidence Room stabbing case. Move to the Detention Center, accessible from the Wright & Co. Law Offices.

Detention Center Visitor's Room

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You'll meet someone unexpected as the perpetrator: Officer Meekins. Talk to Meekins (watch out for his megaphone!):

  • The day of the crime: He went to the Evidence Room that day, but didn't see Officer Marshall, who is the usual guard outside. When he glanced at the security room monitor, he saw a suspicious person in the Evidence Room. Ema asks about Meekins' bandaged hand. It's just like Lana's.
  • The victim: Officer Meekins didn't know Goodman, in fact, he doesn't know any detectives. So he wouldn't recognize any of them if he saw them.
  • Bandaged hand: Meekins says the strange detective brandished a knife, then knocked him out. When he woke up his hand was cut and the other man was gone.

Present Goodman's ID. It will jog Meekins' memory.

  • Crime details: He didn't recognize the man, so he asked for his ID card. Instead of an ID card, the man pulled out a knife. Meekins was knocked out, and woke at the Detention Center.
  • Reason for arrest: Ema recalls the events: Meekins met a man that he didn't know, and that man didn't show his ID Card, so you don't know if that was Goodman or not.

However, when he tried to tell someone that, they told him that Goodman was definitely in the Evidence Room at that time. Meekins then explains that a videotape caught the act, and that's why he was arrested for the crime.

Looks like you'll need to investigate the scene further. Move to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

Police Department Criminal Affairs

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Here you'll see Chief Gant, who is informed that the detectives have been searching something, but haven't found anything. Gant then notices you. Talk to Gant:

  • Edgeworth: Due to the mistakes of his that came out during the trial, Edgeworth is being questioned by an inquiry committee. Depending on the outcome, he could be in serious trouble.
  • Evidence room incident: He can't say anything about the contradiction of the two locations in which Goodman was stabbed. He does give you a hint that he has a hard time keeping the Chief of Detectives's mouth shut though.

After talking, examine the Chief of Detectives (the guy sitting at the desk in the middle of the back wall). He tells you that Gant told him to check Goodman's desk. They found nothing, except for a Lost Item Report that was half complete, with the date February 21 — the same date as the murder. Goodman's Lost Item Report will be added to your Court Record.

You need to investigate the Evidence Room, but you need Gant's permission first. Talk to Gant again.

  • Permission granted: He will give you a guest ID card, which will get you through the card reader. Gant will then leave.

Move back to the Security Guard Office.

Evidence Room Entrance Guard Station (2)

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Examine the entrance to the Evidence Room. You use the card, but it still won't open, as the card reader is off. The security guard turned it off. You then meet the security guard, Jake Marshall, who will turn it back on for you. You need to ask him something, but he won't talk until you present the Steak Lunch to him. The Steak Lunch will be removed from the Court Record. Talk to Marshall:

  • Guard office: Meekins said Marshall wasn't in his office at the time of the murder. Marshall says it's true, and that since he got demoted he's lost some of the fire for his job. Besides, there's no need for a person to be here with all the newfangled machines they have.
  • Marshall: He's still investigating the SL-9 case, because although it's closed on the books, something stinks about the whole thing. However, the case became officially dead two days ago (the day of the murder) due to all the SL-9 evidence being transferred.
  • Security system: Marshall doesn't really like machines, but he understands the easy ones like the security cameras and the ID card reader. If nothing happens, the tapes are automatically erased every few hours. Meekins and Goodman may be on one of those tapes. Marshall then shows you a record of the card reader from the day of the murder. You see a familiar ID number on it, but Marshall takes the list away before you can look further.
  • Transferal: Evidence from solved cases is kept for two years, in case someone needs to re-investigate something. Every year in February, evidence older than two years gets moved down to the vault under the Police Station. After that, a case is closed forever. Dead.

Present Goodman's ID to Marshall. Marshall will show you the ID Card Record again. Goodman used his ID Card to open the entrance one minute before the stabbing! Why did Goodman point the knife at Meekins rather than showing his ID card? Marshall then gives you the ID Card Record, which will be added into the Court Record. Finally, move to the Evidence Room.

Evidence Room Sector Three

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In here, you'll unexpectedly find Gumshoe, who is in charge of the investigation for today. Ema easily mistakes Gumshoe for a ghost and slaps him! He gives you the Evidence Room Floorplans, which will be added to the Court Record. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • Boss for a day: If Gumshoe is in charge, then why is he alone? His team is preparing for the trial tomorrow, so it looks like he's actually been kicked out again.
  • Edgeworth: Gumshoe mentions that Edgeworth is getting questioned by the inquiry committee. He seems to think it's fate, due to Edgeworth's involvement in the SL-9 Incident.
  • Evidence safe: All the detectives get lockers that only they can open, by using fingerprint identification. The technology is fairly new, so there are people on the force that don't even know about them.

The Evidence Locker will be added to the Court Record. Present Goodman's Note or the Switchblade Knife to Gumshoe. The SL-9 Incident was Edgeworth's first big case. Gumshoe says there may be loose ends concerning the incident. Talk to Gumshoe further:

  • SL9 Incident: The criminal was a serial killer, and Edgeworth built his case around the killer's one mistake. That case put him in the spotlight, and that's when the rumors about him forging evidence began.

The transferal from a couple days ago should have put the whole thing to rest by getting rid of all the evidence. Gumshoe tells you that Goodman was the head detective on the SL-9 Incident. Did Goodman take the Switchblade Knife out of the evidence locker himself?

Present the ID Card Record. Gumshoe takes a look at it and becomes shocked. The second number on the list is Edgeworth's! The ID Card Record will be updated in the Court Record.

Pan right and examine the glove hanging on the police tape. It's another piece of evidence from SL-9. The Rubber Glove will be added to the Court Record. Examine the area below Goodman's locker. There are pieces of something big on the ground. Choose "Check it out closer", and you will have to put the pieces together.

Putting together pieces

When you have to fix stuff like a jar, or a vase, you just have to put it back together. You have to choose what you think is the right fragment, rotate it around to find a perfect match, and choose "Combine". If it matches, the object will rotate for you to find the next missing fragment. If you get all the fragments put in, you're finished.

WiiWare controls: Left and Right on the D-Pad change pieces from 1 to 8. Up and Down on the D-Pad rotate a piece. Lastly, the A or Minus (-) buttons piece together.

Here is the order in which the pieces should be put back together. Make sure you rotate it to fit into that space where the lines connect.

  1. Fragment No. 5
  2. Fragment No. 4
  3. Fragment No. 6
  4. Fragment No. 1
  5. Fragment No. 8
  6. Fragment No. 3
  7. Fragment No. 2
  8. Fragment No. 7

The object is almost complete except one piece is missing. It looks like an Unstable Jar, which will be added to the Court Record. Finish examining the room before this next part.

To take out the Luminol and starting spraying the scene. Go to Court Record and choose Spray on Luminol Testing Fluid. You'll automatically use your red glasses as an indication that you're using this mode. Go out when you finish.

Note on WiiWare version: When you're done talking or examining the room, make sure you have a menu: Examine, Move, Talk and Present. Press the Plus (+) button to get into the Court Record, choose Luminol Testing Fluid, then press the Minus (-) button to spray.

Pan left and start spray with the Luminol testing fluid on the upper left locker with a piece of cloth sticking out. It's blood! Someone wiped part of it off. Pan right and spray the upper right locker to the left of the crime scene. It's more blood! And it looks like someone tried to wipe it off as well.

Gumshoe is shocked, as it is on his locker. Ema adds that to the Floor Plans. Spray on what looks like the crime scene. There's a lot of blood on there. Something really happened here. Ema will mark all the spots on the Floor Plans. Gumshoe will then leave to give Edgeworth his report for the day, as he is just getting out of the inquiry committee now. Looks like it's time to talk to Edgeworth. Move to the High Prosecutor's Office.

High Prosecutor's Office Room 1202

[edit | edit source]

You'll meet the bellboy (from the Turnabout Sisters case), and he will leave you to Edgeworth. The flyer paper with the French restaurant in the back will play a role in the third of this series "Trials and Tribulations". Talk to Edgeworth:

  • Inquiry committee: Luckily, the inquiry committee decided not to consider what happened as concealing evidence, but as a communications error. They still warned Edgeworth that he was lucky, as they've done many times since the SL-9 case — the first time he was accused of dealing in bad evidence.
  • Tomorrow's trial: He is still the lead prosecutor, but the inquiry committee gave the Police Department control of the investigation. Police Chief Gant is now leading the investigation.

Present to Edgeworth the ID Card Record. Edgeworth was asked to go to the Evidence Room by Chief Gant, who wanted a piece of evidence from an old case. Gant told Edgeworth to keep it here in his office. The case was obviously already solved, since the evidence was filed in the Evidence Room, and Edgeworth assures you that the case has nothing to do with the current one. The Screwdriver will be added to the Court Record.

Present Goodman's Note or the Switchblade Knife to Edgeworth. Then talk to him:

  • Allegations of forgery: The one who led the SL-9 case was Damon Gant. Edgeworth claims he didn't touch the evidence.

Edgeworth heard from Lana that you were scientifically investigating the case, so he gives you some aluminum powder, for taking fingerprints. The Fingerprinting Set and fingerprint files for everyone involved in the case will be received. Move back to the Evidence Room, where you found some handprints, to try them out.

You can spray luminol in front of Edgeworth's desk to find a bloodstain there.

Evidence Room Sector Three (2)

[edit | edit source]

You decide to try out the fingerprint set on Gumshoe's locker.


Choose the finger you want to examine. When a grid-like background takes over the touch screen, first tap around the screen to sprinkle the aluminum powder everywhere. Then, once you think you've spread enough powder, blow into the microphone to blow off the contents, revealing the fingerprint. Last, you get to pick whose fingerprints they are in the fingerprint files. If it matches, you'll know that person has been in the room. If not, try another.

Using the microphone: There are many ways of doing it depending on the model of the handheld. On the NDS, 3DS, and 3DSxl, you need to blow at the bottom of the handheld where MIC is labeled. On the 2DS and 2DSxl, you blow the MIC in the middle between the top screen and the bottom screen. The other method is buying yourself a headphone with a MIC attached to it.

Using the Wii Remote: Use the D-Pad to move around and press the A button when Examine appears. Then spread powder on the screen, point the Wii Remote on the screen and press the A button (or rapidly to cover the whole screen). Finally, shake the Wii Remote to blow the powder away. If it's not confirmed, continue spreading powder and blowing it until you see a clear print. To complete it, you'll automatically go to the profile and present it with the Minus (-) button.

In the HD iOS release: Swipe from the bottom of the green fingerprinting field to the top of the field to blow the excess powder away.

On the Steam version: All you have to do is press enter to apply the powder and press E to blow.

In this case, you'll find nothing. Someone must've been wearing a glove here. Don't give up yet, as there's a faint print just below and to the left of the bloody handprint. Examine it. This time you find a clear fingerprint. You then pick its owner. In this case, pick "Dick Gumshoe" as it's his locker. You then remember finding another print at the other locker. Pan left, and examine the locker with the cloth. The bloody part was washed away, so the prints could be washed away as well, so you have to find a print that is not washed away.

Examine a spot just to the left of the middle finger. After blowing it off, you pick its owner. After a few tries, you'll find that "Jake Marshall" matches. Marshall? What was he doing here? Why was there a print next to a bloody print? Did he have blood on his hand and try to wash it off? Marshall's Prints will be added to the Court Record.

Phoenix decides to call it a day, as you may have found your decisive evidence.