Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 4: Turnabout Goodbyes/Day 4 - Trial

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Outside in the lobby, Maya shocks you, Edgeworth and Gumshoe because of the run into Manfred's stun gun yesterday. You tell her to go outside for a few minutes to lose that electric power. It seems stun guns and spirit mediums don't mix well together.

You come to court with only one small piece of evidence, but you receive some good news: they've found the caretaker. He is now headed to court. Yogi says he can't remember anything but it must be a lie.

Why would he want revenge if he couldn't remember Edgeworth wronging him? Does he even remember his own name? You'll have to make sure Yogi says something, and if he does, you may have a chance to put an end to the corrupt prosecutor's so-called perfect streak once and for all. This is it! The real final battle.

The judge is surprised that Von Karma, for once is following protocol compare to previous days in which he controls the court proceedings.

Von Karma calls the caretaker to the stand. He would like you to take your time with your cross-examination (he's planning something, isn't he?).

The Caretaker's Testimony: Why I Left Court

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The Caretaker
The Caretaker
The Caretaker's Testimony
- Why I Left Court -

  1. Er, I'm really sorry about just leaving yesterday like I did.
  2. But, I wasn't running away or nothing.
  3. I, uh, went to buy some food for Polly, see…
  4. I figured I got nothing to do with this incident anyhow.
  5. Err… I mean, I'd need one of those "motive" things, right? And I don't got one.
  6. So, my testimony yesterday stands as is. (Not available on 3DS Trilogy nor the Switch Version)

Why I Left Court: Cross-examination

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Press him on his fourth and fifth statements. Von Karma objects of course. The judge asks you to tell the court this man's name. Answer "Yanni Yogi". The judge and von Karma want proof. You tell them to check the caretaker's fingerprints against Yogi's from 15 years ago. Von Karma, however, tells you that the caretaker has no fingerprints. According to the caretaker, he worked at a chemical plant before running the boat rental shop, where he burned off his prints in a chemical accident.

Now you don't have proof and you have run out of ideas once again. Von Karma jokes that you should cross-examine the caretaker's parrot. You've seen that the parrot must know something about the case, so Phoenix takes von Karma up. Von Karma tells you if the parrot doesn't say anything, you'll face great consequences, and then asks if you'll still do it. Answer, "Yes, I'm doing it". The judge then calls Polly to the stand. It may seem ridiculous, but this bird is your only chance of winning.

Polly's Testimony: Who Is Your Owner?

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Polly's Testimony
- Who Is Your Owner? -

  1. "Hello! Hello!" *squawk*
  2. "…"

Who Is Your Owner?: Cross-examination

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This is optional, but you may Press Polly on her first statement, where she says her name. You won't get anywhere. Maya then asks you what she should say. Answer "Have we forgotten something?". Polly doesn't answer. Von Karma laughs, as if he expected this. Could he have retrained her?

Press the first statement again. When you are given the choice again, say "What's your name?". Polly answers this time. The judge wants to know if this has anything to do with her owner's identity. Say "Of course" and Present the DL-6 Case File to the court. Why? Check it first. Yogi had a fiancée named Polly Jenkins, who committed suicide after the incident. Von Karma wants to know which page has the proof. Choose "Suspect Data". Yogi might have named the parrot after her. Karma dismisses it as a coincidence. The judge agrees, and allows Polly to continue the testimony.

Press Polly on that same statement once more. This time, choose "What's the safe number?". Polly says "1228" once again. The judge asks if this has anything to do with the caretaker. Answer "Actually, it does". Von Karma wants proof. Present the DL-6 Case File once again. The judge asks which file relates to the number. Answer "Case Summary". The caretaker might have used the date, December 28 (12/28), to make the number for the safe. The judge is amazed about the two coincidences in one trial, so he calls the caretaker to the stand.

When the judge asks for his name, the caretaker then finally breaks character and admits that he is in fact Yanni Yogi, and that he was the one who killed Hammond for one reason: revenge. He took his revenge on Hammond, but is yet to take it on Edgeworth, who is called to the stand after Yogi is arrested.

Miles Edgeworth is found...

What really happened

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Exactly 15 years ago, Yanni Yogi was the suspect in the murder of Gregory Edgeworth, thanks to Misty Fey, but was found innocent. Before he was put on the stand, Robert Hammond told him to act like he was mentally unsound, because he didn't believe that Yogi was innocent. Although he won, Yogi lost everything — his job, his social standing, even his fiancée. He then moved to a nearby boat shop, and took the guise of a confused and forgetful old man.

15 years later, a letter arrived from an anonymous source (Manfred von Karma), that told Yogi he had a chance to get revenge. Yogi then did exactly what the letter instructed.

Yogi called Robert Hammond to his boat rental shop, and on Christmas Eve night, at 11:50 PM, he fired a gun at Hammond, killing him.

Outside at the same time, Larry Butz, who had just found his Steel Samurai balloon, which he'd lost the week prior due to his shenanigans, was just at the dock ready to go home when he heard a loud bang, over his loud earphones.

Yogi then proceeded to put Hammond's clothes on. He then met with Edgeworth (who didn't recognize Yogi/Hammond) and took him out on the lake in a boat. At 12:15 AM, just after midnight, Yogi fired the gun to ensure that there was a witness watching.

That witness was Lotta Hart, who was in fact at Gourd Lake to see a mythical creature named Gourdy, which was actually Larry's Steel Samurai balloon. Her sound-sensitive camera caught the moment of the shot, and the moment of the shot 25 minutes earlier, which was at the boat shop, while no one was in the lake.

Yogi then fired again, and dropped the gun, falling into the lake to make it look like he had been shot. He then proceeded to swim back to shore where he put the clothes back on Hammond's body, which he threw out into the water. Later, the body was found, and Edgeworth was put under arrest.

Is it over?

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The judge then adjourns court… and then an "Objection!"

It isn't von Karma this time, but Edgeworth, who says he isn't entirely innocent. He criticizes Yogi's confession, saying he wasn't specific about the reason for the revenge. Maya asks you to stop him. Choose to object or let Edgeworth continue because either way, the judge will hear his testimony. Edgeworth explains about his nightmares and his guilt. von Karma wants to try Edgeworth for the DL-6 Incident, before the statute of limitations runs out today. The judge needs a five-minute recess to think about this.


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Edgeworth apologizes, since you just expended a great deal of effort to get him off the hook on one trial today. You don't seem too concerned, however since you're busy reading through the Court Record getting prepared for the new trial. You can't let Edgeworth's nightmare get in the way. You still need to prove that Edgeworth didn't kill his dad.

Edgeworth's Testimony: The DL-6 Incident

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You're not out of the woods yet. When Edgeworth told you about the dream yesterday, there was one detail that didn't quite fit. Find out what this detail is.

Edgeworth's Testimony
- The DL-6 Incident -

  1. That day, I had gone to the courtroom to observe one of my father's trials.
  2. As we went to leave, an earthquake struck, trapping us in the elevator.
  3. My father and Mr. Yogi lost their composure, and began to argue.
  4. Just then, something heavy fell at my feet.
  5. I picked it up, and threw it at Mr. Yogi. I wanted them to stop fighting.
  6. A moment later, there was a single gunshot, and then a scream.
  7. It was a terrible scream. I remember it to this day.
  8. That's all. (Not available on 3DS Trilogy)

The DL-6 Incident: Cross-examination

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Present the DL-6 Case File to Edgeworth on his sixth statement. Von Karma wants to know which file is being presented. Choose the "Victim Data" page. The murder weapon was fired twice. Von Karma objects, saying the second shot may have nothing to do with the case. When the judge asks you if it does, answer "Yes", and present the DL-6 Incident Photo. The judge asks you where the photo shows proof. You'll examine the photo. See the broken glass on the elevator above the body? Present it to the court. Someone other than Edgeworth might have shot through the window, because he was unconscious at the time. Von Karma objects, reminding you that the Case File says there was not a single clue in the elevator. Only one bullet was found.

Alternatively, you can present the DL-6 Incident Photo first. Including the bullet hole on the elevator glass. Then when the Judge asks for proof, present DL-6 Case File, followed by "Victim Data".

You then run out of ideas again and Edgeworth finally confesses. The judge wants to give the verdict now. You have a choice to object to this or not, as it doesn't really matter. You still have no idea, though.

Piecing the final puzzle together and nailing Manfred von Karma's crime

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Suddenly, you hear a voice and a flash of Mia, telling you the second bullet does exist. You mention the stolen bullet. The judge asks if there was a pressing need for the murderer to take the bullet. Say, "The murderer didn't need it". You hear the voice and a flash of Mia again, telling him to think crazy. She tells you to think not "why is the bullet taken" but "why the bullet had to be taken". You tell the judge the bullet would've hit the murderer for instance. Then you realize the murderer would be outside the elevator that got hit by the bullet, thrown by Miles before collapsing. Von Karma denies it as coincidence. Maya then remembers something crazy. Grossberg says after Von karma dealt a blow to his perfect record, he took a several months vacation after that.

The judge then asks you to name the possible murderer. Is it a good time to say it now? You are given a choice. Choose, "Say it now". Von Karma wants evidence that he took a vacation to heal his wound. Choose to Show evidence and present the Metal Detector. It is possible that the bullet may still be inside him. You try to test the Metal Detector on him, but von Karma refuses. The judge then forces the issue, since this is the last day before the statute of limitations runs out and the case must be decided now. You find something in his right shoulder. It must be the bullet. Von Karma then states that the bullet was in there long before the incident, and wants proof that he is wrong. Present the DL-6 Bullet, your only piece of evidence from the DL-6 case, and everything will fall apart for von Karma. He knows that if they pull the bullet out of his shoulder to match it against the one that killed Gregory Edgeworth, they'll find both were fired from the same gun. Von Karma lets out a piercing shriek, which Edgeworth recognizes as the scream he heard in the elevator so long ago. Not to mention Von Karma bashing his head into the wall.

Miles Edgeworth is once again found...

The DL-6 Incident: What really happened

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Gregory Edgeworth was defending the suspect in a murder case. The prosecutor was Manfred von Karma, who won the case. Gregory then spotted a flaw in von Karma's evidence, which resulted in von Karma receiving a penalty on his otherwise perfect record. Gregory then went into an elevator with his son, a young Miles Edgeworth, and the bailiff, Yanni Yogi.

Suddenly, a huge earthquake struck the courthouse, blowing the power and trapping Yogi, Gregory, and Miles in the elevator. The air slowly thinned, which eventually threw Yogi into a panic. Yogi then started fighting Gregory. The struggle caused Yogi's gun to fall at Miles' feet. Miles picked up the gun, and threw it at the fighting men. The gun then discharged and everyone passed out. Miles heard a terrible scream before losing consciousness.

The one who screamed was Manfred von Karma, who was attempting to open the elevator in the dark when he felt a terrible pain in his right shoulder. Apparently, he was shot by the gun Miles threw. The courthouse then regained electricity, and the elevator door opened in front of the injured von Karma, who saw two men and a child lying on the floor, unmoving. Seeing his rival Gregory helpless before him, von Karma picked up the gun and shot Gregory in the chest with it, sealing his fate. Karma then left with the bullet still in his right shoulder.

Police were baffled, so they used a spirit medium, Misty Fey, to channel Gregory in order to identify the murderer. Unfortunately, Gregory's spirit didn't know who killed him, since he was unconscious at the time, but he suspected Yogi did it. Even if he did suspect Miles, he didn't want his own son to be called a murderer, especially since he was still a child at the time. So he lied to the medium saying it was Yanni Yogi, who was eventually found innocent.

Seeing no one else in the elevator, Miles thought the one who screamed was his father, so he believed the gun he threw shot his father dead. He had nightmares replaying the event ever since.

Manfred von Karma meanwhile, had to take a seven-month break to recover from the bullet wound naturally. He didn't want the doctors to remove it, to avoid creating any witnesses. And so the bullet remained.

When Yogi was brought to trial he won, but the fake mental state he presented in court destroyed his life. He lost everything: his job, his money, even his fiancée committed suicide. With nowhere to go, he hid in the boat rental shop, where he lived on to be a confused and forgotten old man for years to come.

Meanwhile, Misty's involvement in the investigation was somehow leaked to the papers. Hearing that she falsely accused an innocent man of murder, she was considered a fraud, and was ridiculed by the nation. Unable to contain the suffering, Misty decided to run away, leaving the mountain and her family behind. She eventually disappeared, still missing to this very day.

Without any more suspects, and with the sudden disappearance of Yanni Yogi and Misty Fey, the case was dismissed and was known as the infamous DL-6 Incident from that day forward.


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Now you can sit back and enjoy the ending. At some point, you may want to present the DL-6 Bullet – you'll see why.

That's the end of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the Game Boy Advance version, but if you’re playing the Nintendo DS or Trilogy versions, the game continues with a fifth episode. On the Nintendo WiiWare version, prepare to pay 100 points for the final episode to see what happens to Phoenix on his next case.

If you want, you can go back to The First Turnabout and press the testimonies for a good laugh.