Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 3: Turnabout Samurai/Day 2 - Trial

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Gumshoe takes the stand and describes the events of the day of the murder with the help of the Guidemap.

  • In the morning three people were in the Employee Area until noon: Jack Hammer, Will Powers, and Penny the assistant.
  • After lunch, Jack Hammer went to Studio One, and after that, at 1:00 PM, the security lady arrived at her post.
  • At 5:00 PM the production staff went to Studio One to perform a rehearsal, where they found the body.
  • The time of death was 2:30 PM.
  • The Samurai Spear was lodged in his chest.

The Samurai Spear is added to the Court Record as the murder weapon.

You will have the option to listen to Gumshoe’s description again, or skip it and continue. Either option is fine. Once you continue, Edgeworth calls Wendy Oldbag to the stand. Wendy will get flustered with Edgeworth and likes to talk non-stop before starting her testimony. Can you handle her testimony?

Oldbag's Testimony: Witness's Account

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Oldbag's Testimony
- Witness's Account -

  1. On the day of the murder, I arrived at the guard station at 1:00 PM.
  2. Poor old Hammer and the rest had been doing a run-through there since the morning.
  3. I, well, I had some errands to run that morning.
  4. Anyway, it was 1:00 when I got to the guard station.
  5. I was at the main gate from then until 5:00!
  6. Now, the murder happened at 2:30 PM, right?
  7. Interesting to me, because a certain man walked right by me at 2:00 PM.
  8. It was Powers! That man right there, and he was heading toward the studio!

Witness's Account: Cross-examination

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Looking at the photo presents a problem for the prosecution; they can’t prove that Will was in the costume. Present Powers’s(?) Photo against her 7th or 8th statement. Oldbag will now claim she has proof that it was Will inside the costume.

Oldbag's Testimony: The Man in the Photo

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Oldbag's Testimony
- The Man in the Photo -

  1. I never say anything I don't mean, mind you!
  2. That morning, during the run-through of the action scene…
  3. I saw Powers trip and fall!
  4. He broke one of the props, it was a big mess.
  5. Apparently, he sprained his ankle pretty bad.
  6. Now, look at that picture! (On the 3DS Trilogy, this statement isn't available)
  7. You can see he's dragging his leg! See? Clear as day!
  8. That's how I knew it was Powers. Happy?

The Man in the Photo: Cross-examination

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Press the 4th statement. Oldbag will inform the court that it was the Samurai Spear that was broken, and that she fixed it with some duct tape. The Samurai Spear will be updated in the Court Record. Also press the 2nd or 3rd statement. It becomes clear that the assistant, Penny, wasn’t watching the action sequence, meaning she didn't know Powers sprained his ankle.

Once you have the information about the assistant and the spear, cycle through the statements until Edgeworth stops you. The judge wants to know what happened to the Steel Samurai costume, but no one's found it. Edgeworth will say that there is no doubt that it was Will. It doesn't matter what you choose, as the judge doesn't seem so sure. Oldbag will continue her testimony.

Oldbag's Testimony: Witness's Account (cont.)

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Oldbag's Testimony
- Witness's Account (cont.) -

  1. The time of poor Hammer's death was 2:30 PM, true?
  2. The only person I saw go to the studio before then was Will Powers!
  3. No one else went there!
  4. If they had, I would have seen them!

Witness's Account (cont.): Cross-examination

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If you look at the photo again, it’s numbered Photo #2, which means that someone else must have walked past the camera before this photo was taken. Present Powers’s(?) Photo against the 4th statement.

Oldbag gets angry and then suddenly remembers something important. Time for another testimony from her.

Oldbag's Testimony: The Other Person

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Oldbag's Testimony
- The Other Person -

  1. Every day, after I finish my guard duties, I have one other important job to do.
  2. I go through the photos recorded on the security computer and check them.
  3. I throw out any photos that aren't suspicious lookin', you see.
  4. Come to think of it, now I remember throwing out one photo that day!

The Other Person: Cross-examination

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So there was another photo. Press on the 4th statement to get more information. She’ll say that the photo was of a second or third-grade fanboy. He must have entered the studios through the drain in the Employee Area. She tells the court that this fanboy was a kid. Edgeworth declares that the kid could not have been the murderer, as the Samurai Spear would have been far too heavy for the child to wield. The judge will call a five-minute recess to consider this new information.


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Discuss the case with Maya and Will, but no one has any ideas. Anyone could have walked into the Dressing Room and taken the costume while Powers was sleeping. You have to try to extend the trial for an extra day, and your best shot is to accuse someone else. If you choose wrong, it will mean disaster.

Back in court

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When you return to the courtroom, you will have to accuse someone of the murder. Your choices are Penny the assistant, Oldbag or the fanboy kid.

Choose "The security lady", since Penny didn't know Powers would be limping and the boy was too weak to heft the spear. Choosing the assistant or the fanboy kid will get a hilarious reaction in the court and yes, penalize you for accusing the innocent. Life can be cruel sometimes.

The court will realize that Oldbag has no alibi and that she knew about Will’s ankle. Press further when you have the option. Oldbag tries to say that the kid could have done it. That statement is absurd, because the kid could not have done it. For example, isn't the spear heavy? Also, how did the kid get into the building? A key card is required. Present the Samurai Spear or the Cardkey at this point to prove the kid's innocence.

Oldbag is not happy about being implicated, and decides to tell the court about the information she was previously hiding. She was told not to mention that there were other people present at the studios on the day of the murder. Time for one more testimony from Oldbag.

Oldbag's Testimony: My Lips Were Sealed

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Oldbag's Testimony
- My Lips Were Sealed -

  1. Global Studios wanted me to keep quiet about something.
  2. There were… some other people at the studios on the day of the murder.
  3. They said they had "nothing to do with it", see?
  4. So they told me to just pretend they "hadn't been at the studios that day".
  5. But if you're going to go accusing me, I'm not letting them get away scot free!

My Lips Were Sealed: Cross-examination

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So there were other people there that day. You need to find out exact information from her. Press her on the 2nd statement or alternatively 5th statement. She will state that the director and the producer were at the studio. The director was apparently at the action sequence rehearsal when Will injured his ankle! After the rehearsal, he met with the producer and went to the Studio Two Trailer.

You have the option to continue the cross-examination or take a break. Choose "Take a break". The judge will end the case for the day so that further investigation can be done regarding the director and the producer.